Early Musical And Movie Stars (Digitally Remastered)
    • Early Musical And Movie Stars (Digitally Remastered)
    • Released in 2011
    • 40 Songs


    1They Call Me Sister Honky-Tonk ( from the film "I'm No Angel") (Rec. 7 October 1933)Mae West
    2Let Yourself Go (from the film "Follow The Fleet") (Rec. 3 April 1936)Ginger Rogers
    3As Tune Goes By (Rec. 8 February 1932)Binnie Hale
    4Change Partners ( from the film "Carefree") (Rec. 24 March 1938)Fred Astaire
    5With Plenty Of Money And You (from the film "Gold Diggers Of 1937") (Rec. 11 November 1936)Dick Powell
    6My Future Just Passed ( from "Safety In Numbers") (Rec. 4 March 1930)Various Artists
    7One Night Of Love ( from the film "One Night Of Love") (Rec. 4 October 1934)Grace Moore
    8At Your Beck And Call (Rec. 6 April 1938)Frances Langford
    9Easy To Love (from the film "Born To Dance") (Rec. 3 August 1936)Frances Langford
    10Puttin' On The Ritz ( from "Puttin' On The Ritz") (Rec. 26 March 1930)Fred Astaire
    11Singin' In The Rain ( from the film "The Hollywood Revue of 1929") (Rec. 28 May 1929)Various Artists
    12Afraid To Dream ( from the film "You Can't Have Everything") (Rec. 5 August 1937)Jean Sablon
    13Limehouse Bines ( from the "A to Z Revue") (Rec. 3 Novembr 1931)Gertrude Lawrence
    14I Used To Be Colour Blind ( from the film "Carefree") (Rec. 24 March 1938)Fred Astaire
    15I'll Get By As Long As I Have You (Rec. 11 February 1929)Ruth Etting
    16Makin' Whoopee ( from the musical "Whoopee") (Rec. 18 December 1928)Eddie Cantor
    17Sailor, Beware! (from the film "Anything Goes") (Rec. 13 November 1935)Bing Crosby
    18According To The Moonlight (Yellen ( from "George White's Scandals of 1935") (Rec. 26 February 1935)Alice Faye
    19Got A Brand New Suit ( from the musical "At Home Abroad") (Rec. 11 October 1935)Eleanor Powell
    20Inka Dinka Doo (from the film "The Great SchnOzzle") (Rec. 13 February 1934)Various Artists
    21Why Do I Dream Those Dreams? ( from the film "Wonder Bar") (Rec. 1 March 1934)Dick Powell
    22Never In A Million Years ( from the film "Wake Up And Live") (Rec. 18 March 1937)Alice Faye
    23Lovely To Look At (Fields ( from "Roberta") (Rec. 4 April 1935)Irene Dunne
    24Love In Bloom (from the film "She Loves Me Not") (Rec. 29 October 1934)Noël Coward
    25Someday I'll Find You ( from the film "Private Lives") (Rec. 11 March 1932)Gertrude Lawrence
    26Love Walked ln ( from the film "Ooldwyn Follies") (Rec. 22 April 1938)Kenny Baker
    27I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan (from the musical "The Band Wagon") (Rec. 11 August 1932)Various Artists
    28Stompin' At The Savoy (Rec. 12 June 1936)Judy Garland
    29The Piccolino ( from the film "Top Hat") (Rec. 25 August 1935)Ginger Rogers
    30I Wanna Be Loved By You ( from the show "Good Boy") (Rec. 20 September 1928)Helen Kane
    31Lullaby Of Broadway ( from "Gold Diggers Of 1935") (Rec. 28 February 1935)Various Artists
    32It Happened In Monterey ( from "The King Of Jazz") (Rec. 17 March 1930)Various Artists
    33Sweep ( from the film "Falling For You") (Rec. 12 June 1933)Jack Hulbert
    34Got To Dance My Way To Heaven (from the film "It's Love Again") (Rec. 17 April 1936)Jessie Matthews
    35When A Lady Meets A Gentleman Down South (Rec. 2 February 1937)Sophie Tucker
    36Someone To Care For Me (from the film "Three Smart Girls") (Rec. 15 December 1936)Deanna Durbin
    37Okay, Toots ( from the film "Kid Millions") (Rec. 12 September 1934)Eddie Cantor
    38Sweet So-And-So ( from the show "That's A Good Girl1) (Rec. 19 June 1928)Jack Buchanan
    39Looking At You ( from "Mammy") (Rec. 10 January 1930)Al Jolson
    40Hot Patatta ( from the film "Strictly Dynamite") (Rec. 13 February 1934)Various Artists

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