Eddie Cantor

The Early Days (1917-1921)

The Early Days (1917-1921)

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  • The Early Days (1917-1921)


1That's the Kind of a Baby for MeEddie Cantor
2The Modern Maiden's PrayerEddie Cantor
3Hello WisconsinEddie Cantor
4Down in Borneo IsleEddie Cantor
5The Dixie VolunteersEddie Cantor
6I Don't Want to Get WellEddie Cantor
7Oh the Last Rose of Summer(pathe)Eddie Cantor
8You Don't Need the Wine(pathe)Eddie Cantor
9You Don't Need the Wine(emerson)Eddie Cantor
10Don't Put a Tax On the Beautiful Girls(emerson)Eddie Cantor
11When They're Old Enough to Know Better(emerson)Eddie Cantor
12When They're Old Enough to Know Better(alt)Eddie Cantor
13I've Got My Captain Working for Me NowEddie Cantor
14When They're Old Enough to Know Better(pathe)Eddie Cantor
15Don't Put a Tax On the Beautiful GirlsEddie Cantor
16I Used to Call Her BabyEddie Cantor
17Give Me the Sultan's HaremEddie Cantor
18Give Me the Sultan's Harem(alt)Eddie Cantor
19Give Me the Sultan's Harem(alt)Eddie Cantor
20You'd Be SurprisedEddie Cantor
21At the High Brown Babies BallEddie Cantor
22Oh the Last Rose of Summer(emerson)Eddie Cantor
23Oh the Last Rose of Summer(alt)Eddie Cantor
24When It Comes to Loving the Girls(emerson)Eddie Cantor
25Come On and Play Wiz MeEddie Cantor
26All the Boys Love MaryEddie Cantor
27You Ain't Heard Nothing YetEddie Cantor
28When It Comes to Loving the Girls(pathe)Eddie Cantor
29I Never Knew I Had a Wonderful WifeEddie Cantor
30The Argentines & the GreeksEddie Cantor
31Noah's Wife Lived a Wonderful LifeEddie Cantor
32The Older They Get, the Younger They Want 'EmEddie Cantor
33Snoops the LawyerEddie Cantor
34She Gives Them All the Ha Ha HaEddie Cantor
35Dixie Made Us Jazz Band MadEddie Cantor
36When I See All the Loving They Waste On BabiesEddie Cantor
37I Wish That I'd Been Born in BorneoEddie Cantor
38PalesteenaEddie Cantor
39MargieEddie Cantor
40Margie(alt)Eddie Cantor
41Margie(alt)Eddie Cantor
42You Ought to See My BabyEddie Cantor
43TimbuctooEddie Cantor
44I Never Knew I Could Love AnybodyEddie Cantor
45Anna in IndianaEddie Cantor

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