The Ultimate Radio Shows

The Ultimate Radio Shows

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1OpeningEddie Cantor
2John Charles ThomasEddie Cantor
3Song Of The Open RoadEddie Cantor
4Air Raid Warden OperaEddie Cantor
5How About You?Eddie Cantor
6The Mad RussianEddie Cantor
7Now's The Time To Fall In LoveEddie Cantor
8One Hour With You (Part 1)Eddie Cantor
9OpeningEddie Cantor
10Hanley StaffordEddie Cantor
11Hattie McDanielEddie Cantor
12This Is The Army, Mr. JonesEddie Cantor
13Ida LupinoEddie Cantor
14For Me And My GalEddie Cantor
15The Mad RussianEddie Cantor
16Story - The Kid In Upper FourEddie Cantor
17One Hour With You (Part 2)Eddie Cantor
18Opening IIEddie Cantor
19I'm Getting Tired So I Can SleepEddie Cantor
20Adolphe MenjouEddie Cantor
21The Mad Russian (Part 2)Eddie Cantor
22I Wanna Go Back To West VirginiaEddie Cantor
23One Hour With You (Part 3)Eddie Cantor
24Opening IIIEddie Cantor
25Taking A Chance On LoveEddie Cantor
26Edward G. RobinsonEddie Cantor
27The Mad Russian (Part 2)Eddie Cantor
28Hey, Good Lookin'Eddie Cantor
29Adolph's Bedtime StoryEddie Cantor
30One Hour With You (Part 4)Eddie Cantor
31Opening IVEddie Cantor
32Happy Go LuckyEddie Cantor
33It's Always YouEddie Cantor
34Bonita GranvilleEddie Cantor
35The Mad Russian (Part 3)Eddie Cantor
36I Don't Want To Get WellEddie Cantor
37Winning Letter Of The WeekEddie Cantor
38One Hour With You (Part 5)Eddie Cantor
39Opening VEddie Cantor
40Johnny ZeroEddie Cantor
41You'll Never KnowEddie Cantor
42Cary GrantEddie Cantor
43How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm?Eddie Cantor
44The Mad Russian (Part 4)Eddie Cantor
45In My ArmsEddie Cantor
46One Hour With You (Part 6)Eddie Cantor

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