Rockabilly For A Summer's Day
    • Rockabilly For A Summer's Day
    • Released in 2012
    • 144 Songs


    1The Sun Keeps ShiningThe Everly Brothers
    2Hot StringsVarious Artists
    3FireballThe Fireballs
    4Holiday For LoveWebb Pierce
    5Sally SunshineThe Everly Brothers
    6Chicksville USAVarious Artists
    7Travelin' ShoesJerry Palmer
    8Wild Wild PartyCharlie Feathers
    9Rave OnWaylon Jennings
    10Night TrainVarious Artists
    11Pure LoveCurtis Lee
    12Oh GeronimoBarry Lane
    13Mean BeanVarious Artists
    14Lovemakin'Various Artists
    15How About Me Pretty BabyJimmy Johnson
    16Knock Knock RattleRex Allen
    17Kiss Me GoodnightVarious Artists
    18KayVarious Artists
    19I Told EverybodyVarious Artists
    20The SwitchVarious Artists
    21Everyone Will KnowVarious Artists
    22A Little More Wine, My DearThe Hawks
    23Lover ManVarious Artists
    24I'm LeavingVarious Artists
    25Teeny WeenyJimmy Dell
    26But In A Million YearsVarious Artists
    27Devil's DenVarious Artists
    28Hay MommaVarious Artists
    29Night CreatureVarious Artists
    30Betty JeanVarious Artists
    31EsmarellaVarious Artists
    32I'm Going Back To TexasVarious Artists
    33The MessageJimmy Dell
    34Gotta Have YouVarious Artists
    35StopVarious Artists
    36Morbid InstitutionRusty Isabell
    37Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' OnVarious Artists
    38Rockin' In The HallsGary LeMel
    39The Great DuaneVarious Artists
    40Rain On The MountainVarious Artists
    41The WooVarious Artists
    42Let's Go WildVarious Artists
    43Okie S In The PokieVarious Artists
    44Long Gone CatVarious Artists
    45Rocky-Rolly-Lover BoyVarious Artists
    46Bo-Peep RockVarious Artists
    47I M Gone, MamaJim Murphy
    48Mexican Rock N RollVarious Artists
    49Dig That FordVarious Artists
    50Rattlesnake DaddyVarious Artists
    51Rascal BoogieVarious Artists
    52The BugVarious Artists
    53Boppin Blue JeansVarious Artists
    54Cat DaddyJimmy Johnson
    55Long John S Flagpole RockVarious Artists
    56FirewaterRusty Isabell
    57King FoolVarious Artists
    58Rockin Down Mexico WayLoy Clingman
    59Mixed Up MamaVarious Artists
    60The Boppin MartianVarious Artists
    61StopDon Cole
    62Romp And StompVarious Artists
    63Cry Little GirlieVarious Artists
    64Lazy DaisyVarious Artists
    65If I Told You (Wouldn T Know It All By Myself)Al Casey
    66Planetary RunVarious Artists
    67Rock To The MusicVarious Artists
    68You're Some Kind Of NiceVarious Artists
    69Walkin' HomeThe Tree Tops
    70That Old Big MoonVarious Artists
    71Red Hen HopVarious Artists
    72My Pink CadillacHal Willis
    73Georgie PorgieBrad Reynolds
    74That's What I Call Livin'Dick Damron
    75Shake, ShakeVarious Artists
    76Ready To RockJim Morrison
    77Rock And Roll RiotVarious Artists
    78Hillbilly RockVarious Artists
    79Oh What Love IsVarious Artists
    80Rockin' BabyDick Damron
    81El RingoVarious Artists
    82Easy Rockin' ChairVarious Artists
    83Come Along With MeJerry Palmer
    84Go To Sleep Little SuzieVarious Artists
    85Gonna' Have A PartyDick Damron
    86At The High School DanceR. Dean Taylor
    87Rockin' JukeboxBob King
    88Mary LouVarious Artists
    89Here Comes The NightVarious Artists
    90Woman FeverVarious Artists
    91She's A SquareRay Saint Germain
    92Eeny Meeny Miney MoeVarious Artists
    93Rock And Roll LullabyVarious Artists
    94Goin' Home To MemphisVarious Artists
    95Jimmy BoyVarious Artists
    96Boppin' The BluesCarl Perkins
    97C'mon Everybody (Live Version)Eddie Cochran
    98Johnny ValentineAndy Anderson
    99You Drive Me CrazyRay Scott
    100Jeannie MaeVarious Artists
    101Doin' AlrightEddie Cash
    102What A DayKimball Coburn
    103I Got The BluesVarious Artists
    104ElectrodeB.B. Cunningham
    105Ain't Got A ThingSonny Burgess
    106CatwalkTiny Fuller
    107Move Over BuddyBilly Jack Hale
    108That's The Way I FeelJimmy Pritchett
    109Red Bobby SoxRamsey Kearney
    110Monkey BusinessEddie Bond
    111Crazy MemoriesRoy Alden
    112Rock 'N' Roll FeverBuzz Busby
    113Somebody's Been Babyin' My BabyRonnie Burton
    114Everybody's Movin'Various Artists
    115Tough. Tough, ToughAndy Anderson
    116Jukebox MamaMerdel Floyd
    117Boppin' Wigwam WillieRay Scott
    118TrudyJohnny Carroll
    119Rockin' Boppin' TeenagerJim Shaw
    120Oh YeahWally Jeffrey
    121Pink CadillacJimmy Evans
    122Eenie Meenie Minie MoHoyt Johnson
    123Warrior SamDon Willis
    124The Monkey And The BaboonEddie Bond
    125The Blues Don't Mean A ThingMelvin Endsley
    126Bip Bop BoomMickey Hawks
    127Your Pilot Light Went OutRoy Jones
    128Fool I AmPat Ferguson
    129Boppin' High School BabyDon Willis
    130Quicksand LoveMacy Skipper
    131Rock 'N' Roll GrandpapDon Rader
    132The Train's Done GoneRay Scott
    133Wishing WellHoward Crockett
    134Rockin' MamaShelby Smith
    135The Joint's Really Jumpin'Jimmy Evans
    136Bop Hop JamboreeRex Ellis
    137Screamin' Mimi JeannieMickey Hawks
    138LonelyBobby McDowell
    139Beulah LeeJody Reynolds
    140Red Coat, Green Pants & Red Suede ShoesLloyd Arnold
    141Hot DogElvis Presley
    142Party DollVarious Artists
    143Wake Up Little SusieThe Everly Brothers
    144HeartbeatBuddy Holly

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