Eddy Arnold

Eddy Arnold. The Tennessee Plowboy - His 59 Finest 1944-1955

Eddy Arnold. The Tennessee Plowboy - His 59 Finest 1944-1955

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  • Eddy Arnold. The Tennessee Plowboy - His 59 Finest 1944-1955


1Don't Rob Another Man's CastleEddy Arnold
1The Cattle CallEddy Arnold
2Each Minute Seems A Million YearsEddy Arnold
2This Is The Thanks I Get For Loving YouEddy Arnold
3Little Angel With The Dirty FaceEddy Arnold
3I Couldn't Believe It Was TrueEddy Arnold
4All Alone In This World Without YouEddy Arnold
4Show Me The Way Back To Your HeartEddy Arnold
5One Kiss Too ManyEddy Arnold
5Can't Win, Can't Place, Can't ShowEddy Arnold
6What Is Life Without Love?Eddy Arnold
6I'm Throwing Rice At The Girl I LoveEddy Arnold
7Why Should I Cry?Eddy Arnold
7That's How Much I Love YouEddy Arnold
8Take Me In Your Arms And Hold MeEddy Arnold
8To My SorrowEddy Arnold
9Chained To A MemoryEddy Arnold
9It's A SinEddy Arnold
10Don't Bother To CryEddy Arnold
10Cuddle Buggin' BabyEddy Arnold
11Enclosed, One Broken HeartEddy Arnold
11I'll Hold You In My HeartEddy Arnold
12The Lovebug ItchEddy Arnold
12Bouquet of RosesEddy Arnold
13What A Fool I WasEddy Arnold
13There's Been A Change In MeEddy Arnold
14Kentucky WaltzEddy Arnold
14The Prisoner's SongEddy Arnold
15Rockin' Alone In An Old Rocking ChairEddy Arnold
15Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something BlueEddy Arnold
16Bundle of Southern SunshineEddy Arnold
16It Makes No Difference NowEddy Arnold
17I Wanna Play House With YouEddy Arnold
17Will The Circle Be Unbroken?Eddy Arnold
18Molly DarlingEddy Arnold
18When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold AgainEddy Arnold
19I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue EyesEddy Arnold
19Somebody's Been Beatin' My TimeEddy Arnold
20Then I Turned And Walked Slowly AwayEddy Arnold
20Easy On The EyesEddy Arnold
21A Full Time JobEddy Arnold
21Texarkana BabyEddy Arnold
22Older and BolderEddy Arnold
22My Daddy Is Only A PictureEddy Arnold
23Eddy's SongsEddy Arnold
23There's Not A Thing I Wouldn't Do For YouEddy Arnold
24Free Home DemonstrationEddy Arnold
24AnytimeEddy Arnold
25A Heart Full Of LoveEddy Arnold
25Mama, Come Get Your Baby BoyEddy Arnold
26Just A Little Lovin'Eddy Arnold
26I Really Don't Want To KnowEddy Arnold
27Just Call Me LonesomeEddy Arnold
27There's Not Wings On My AngelEddy Arnold
28The Echo of Your FootstepsEddy Arnold
28Hep Cat BabyEddy Arnold
29I've Been ThinkingEddy Arnold
30That Do Make It NiceEddy Arnold
31You Don't Know MeEddy Arnold

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