One Kiss Too Many

One Kiss Too Many

Eddy Arnold

I had one kiss too many and it went right to my heart
What a fool I was to fall in love with you
I had one kiss too many and should've known right from the start
I was kissing someone who just couldn't be true

I knew the morning after I made a big mistake
That extra kiss was more than this poor heart of mine to take
I had one kiss too many, I remember it and I cry
'Cause when I kissed you I kissed my heart goodbye

I had one kiss too many and it took me by surprise
Now I know I'll never ever be the same
I had one kiss too many should've never close my eyes
'Cause I know that you were only playin' a game

I should've been contented to take a kiss and run
I had to hang around until I got that fatal one
I had one kiss too many it was just too much for me
Oh, but one kiss less my heart might still be free

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