Solo (1974-1983) The Virgin Years

Solo (1974-1983) The Virgin Years

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  • Solo (1974-1983) The Virgin Years


1Drunken Mozart in the DesertEdgar Froese
1Nights of Automatic WomenEdgar Froese
1AquaEdgar Froese
1Maroubra BayEdgar Froese
2PanorpheliaEdgar Froese
2Epsilon in Malaysian Pale (From Solo 1974-1979)Edgar Froese
2A Dali-esque Sleep FuseEdgar Froese
2IcarusEdgar Froese
3Metropolis (Inspired By Fritz Lang's Movie)Edgar Froese
3Scarlet Score for MascaleroEdgar Froese
3NGC 891Edgar Froese
3Children's Deeper StudyEdgar Froese
4Era of the SlavesEdgar Froese
4Ode to Granny AEdgar Froese
4Specific Gravity of SmileEdgar Froese
4UplandEdgar Froese
5The Light ConeEdgar Froese
5NGC 891 (From Solo 1974-1979)Edgar Froese
5Pizarro and AtahuallpaEdgar Froese
5Tropic of CapricornEdgar Froese
6Epsilon in Malaysian PaleEdgar Froese
6WalkaboutEdgar Froese
6Golgatha and the Circle ClosesEdgar Froese
7PinnaclesEdgar Froese
7Pizarro and Atahuallpa (Remixed) (From Solo 1974-1979)Edgar Froese
8Tropic of Capricorn (From Solo 1974-1979)Edgar Froese
9StuntmanEdgar Froese
10It Would Be Like SamoaEdgar Froese
11Detroit Snackbar DreamerEdgar Froese

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