Edwin Starr

Tossing and turning the whole night long
My girl is gone, can't take it
Trying to conceal the loneliness I feel
But it's real, can't fake it
Listen to me
This pain in my heart is tearing me apart
A memory, I can't shake it
I try to tell myself to find somebody else
But my heart won't make it

I need love, that's a natural fact
And more than anything
I want my baby back
I want her right here with me

let me tell you now
She's the only girl that can brighten up my world
What can I say to make her do it?
She's fine as can be and so good to me
I had a good thing, but I blew it

oh, now I'm all alone
The love we had is gone
What can I do to renew it?
If I only had a chance to continue our romance
I wouldn't hesitate to get to it


Come on, come and see about me


I ain't seen her no where
I been searching everywhere
I, I want my baby back
Give anything in this world
To get back that girl
I tell you, I need her
Need her, need her
Need her right now, ah yeah

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