50 Classic Horror Film Themes
    • 50 Classic Horror Film Themes
    • Released in 2009
    • 50 Songs


    1PlaygroundJ. Peter Robinson
    2Psycho - SuiteElmer Bernstein
    3Bucket of Blood (Carrie)Pino Donaggio
    4The elephant man themeJohn Morris
    5Themes and Variations (The Bride of Frankenstein)Franz Waxman
    6Escape From New York Main TitleJohn Carpenter And Alan Howarth
    7A Chucky is Born (Child's Play)Joe Renzetti
    8Opening TitlesMichael Kamen
    9Dexter Main TitleRolfe Kent
    10Long, Long Time AgoJavier Navarrete
    11Jacob's LadderRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra;Maurice Jarre
    12Dressed to Kill (Pulsion) (1980): The Shower (Theme from Dressed to Kill)Pino Donaggio
    13SlayersJohn Carpenter
    14Naked Lunch (Naked Lunch)Howard Shore
    15Vertigo - Love SceneElmer Bernstein
    16Dickensian BeginningsDario Marianelli
    17Farenheit 451 - Finale (The Book People)Elmer Bernstein
    18Les JardinsLoïc Pierre
    19Brothers of the Shadow - Sons of the Light (Nosferatu - Phantom of the Night )Florian Fricke
    20The Game BeginsThe Battle Royale
    21Main Title (The Lift )Dick Maas
    22The Lifeforce Theme (Lifeforce )Henry Mancini
    23Crash (Crash)Howard Shore
    24Blow Out (1981): Prelude (End Title)Pino Donaggio
    25For the Last Time We'll Pay (Carrie)Pino Donaggio
    26Dressed to Kill (Pulsion) (1980): The Transformation - the Storm - The RevelationPino Donaggio
    27The Ending (The Lift)Dick Maas
    28Paper House Overture - Is Anybody There? (Paper House )Hans Zimmer
    29Hallway BurialRamin Djawadi
    30When the Composer Sings (Child's Play )Joe Renzetti
    31Rally - Meet Your Local CandidateMichael Kamen
    32And They Lived Happily Ever AfterDario Marianelli
    33Go! (Opening)Tomandandy
    34Blow Out (1981): Sally's DeathPino Donaggio
    35New MexicoJohn Carpenter
    36Simpatico - Misterioso (Naked Lunch )Howard Shore
    37Main Titles (Sleepwalkers )Nicholas Pike
    38Rock Water Wind (Blair Witch 2, Books of Shadows)Carter Burwell
    39Station (Solaris)Eduard Artmeiev
    40Los Angeles 2013 (Escape from L.A. )John Carpenter
    41The 13th FloorHarald Kloser
    42Body Double (1984): ClaustrophobyPino Donaggio
    43Body Double (1984): Love and MenacePino Donaggio
    44Body Double (1984): Body DoublePino Donaggio
    45Sexual Logic (Crash)Howard Shore
    46Urban LegendChristopher Young
    47Pan's Labyrinth LullabyJavier Navarrete
    48Prologue - Mighty Han River - The monster is growingByeong Woo Lee
    49ParadeSusumu Hirasawa
    50Who Am I?The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices

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