Turning The Town Red

Turning The Town Red

Elvis Costello & the Attractions

You've been taught that this won`t do
They put me in the picture but the film turned blue
A glimpse of you, turning the town red.
A head full of brand new words and a mouth full of shocks
You`re a big boy now, with a face to stop clocks.

Turning the town red. (x2)
You made your bed, and now you better dream in it.
The word that you once whispered, now you`re screamin` it.
Days drip down like bad wallpaper.
Pictures plastered on the ivy creeper between your old toy soldiers
And your mother`s sleepers.

Turning the town red. (x2)
You made your bed, you better face the consequence.
A black pool opened at my feet into a dream sequence.

Turning the town red. Aah. (x4)
You know I heard her call my name
Least, I think that`s what she said.
Surely I`m the correlation that`s gonna cause her shame
So, what`s she doing in my bed?

Turning the town red. Aah.

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