Swifty McVay

Haha, Swifty McVay!
Mr. Porter, the Kon Artis (ha!)
I told you we wasn't leavin, c'mon!

[Swifty McVay]
I come from a jungle, with a trunk load of punk hoes (n****)
Muzzle this animal, f*** with mechanical
Gun totin hazardous cutthroat, cantaloupe can split it
And the Pope couldn't prevent me from s***tin on n****z
Fitted caps get blew back like bad wind, imagine backspinnin'
into a casket, it happens when bastards try to act masculine (hoe)
A hell raiser, I smack the skin off your man's face
so fast it'll leave acne on my hand when it land (hah!)
Placed in a cla** where professors came to school with Smith 'n Wessons
just to teach us a lesson, had that a** hangin' up with the flag (yeah)
Parental discretion, I'll send you a video
with me naked havin a session on my urinal (RESPECT IT! HAH!)
When you kill in the nighttime and claimin' yo' innocence
I'll be waitin' ready to A.K. you and yo' egg Bene-dick {AHH!}
Usin' yo' balls to play tennis with (hah)
You'll be in some s*** like flies and f*** the witnesses

[Chorus:Repeat x2:Swifty McVay]
(MOTHERF***!) N****z that doubt and thought we wasn't killin' s***
(WHAT!) Whatever you want, we providin' it diligently
(PUMP!) Double barrel wherever we go willingly
(DUMPIN!) On opposition in the streets or industry

[Kon Artis a.k.a. Mr. Porter]
You was born I was hatched, but you came out deformed
I have nuts of a horse, and you ain't got no balls
Come runnin' with tec-9's whenever n****z would call
Bang-bang-bang, bang-bang, shoot up cla**way halls
I don't give a f***, who you call to come
You came with thirty n****z, I only came with one
That just goes to show you how much scrap a n**** got in me
You gone off Henny, that liquid courage drivin you into these
Situations you in, don't get that "Purple Pills" s*** confused
With us bein cool up here singin "My Band"
I'm sure you see these little kids cryin over me man
They'll do anything for a f***in autograph
So say that s*** loud enough out of the f***in crowd and
I'll show you the meanin' of die-hard fans
Saddam Hussein who sews, who radical act
A mechanical bomb attached to my pelvis
That's what I mean by get, back; I mean get, back
Or find your head detached from that Mitchell and Ness
So find your spinal cord, uh-uh-oh I digress
I guess I'm just too fresh, to finish that line
Denaun's ain't next

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

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