The Platinum Collection

The Platinum Collection

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1Sadeness - Part I (Radio Edit)Enigma
1Sadeness - Part I (Violent Us Remix)Enigma
1Lost One (Instrumental)Enigma
2Mea Culpa Part II (Orthodox Mix)Enigma
2Mea Culpa Part II (Fading Shades Mix)Enigma
2Lost Two (Instrumental)Enigma
3Principles Of Lust (Radio Edit)Enigma
3Principles Of Lust (Everlasting Lust Mix)Enigma
3Lost Three (Instrumental)Enigma
4Rivers Of BeliefEnigma
4Return To Innocence (Long & Alive Version)Enigma
4Lost Four (Instrumental)Enigma
5Return To Innocence (Radio Edit) (2001 Digital Remaster)Enigma
5Age Of Loneliness (Enigmatic Club Mix)Enigma
5Lost Five (Instrumental)Enigma
6Age Of Loneliness (Radio Edit)Enigma
6Out From The Deep (168 Bpm) (Trance Mix)Enigma
6Lost Six (Instrumental)Enigma
7Out From The Deep (Radio Edit)Enigma
7T.N.T. For The Brain (Midnight Man Remix)Enigma
7Lost Seven (Instrumental)Enigma
8Beyond The Invisible (Radio Edit)Enigma
8Gravity Of Love (140 Bpm) (Judgement Day Club Mix)Enigma
8Lost Eight (Instrumental)Enigma
9T.N.T. For The Brain (112 Bpm) (Radio Edit)Enigma
9Push The Limits (133 Bpm) (ATB Remix)Enigma
9Lost Nine (Instrumental)Enigma
10Gravity Of LoveEnigma
10Voyageur (Club Mix)Enigma
10Lost Ten (Instrumental)Enigma
11Push The Limits (Radio Edit)Enigma
11Boum Boum (Chicane Club Version)Enigma
11Lost Eleven (Instrumental)Enigma
12Turn Around (Radio Edit)Enigma
12Dreaming Of Andromeda (Jean F. Cochois Remix)Enigma
13Voyageur (Radio Edit)Enigma
14Boum Boum (Enigma Radio Edit)Enigma
15Following The Sun (Radio Edit)Enigma
16Seven Lives (Radio Edit)Enigma
17La Puerta Del Cielo (Radio Edit)Enigma

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