Main Titles - Music for 40 Motion Pictures Volume 1
    • Main Titles - Music for 40 Motion Pictures Volume 1
    • Released in 1996
    • 40 Songs


    1SlalomEnnio Morricone
    1The Infernal TrioEnnio Morricone
    2The HellbendersEnnio Morricone
    2The CousinEnnio Morricone
    3Blood And GunsEnnio Morricone
    3Around The World With The Lovers Of PenetEnnio Morricone
    4Who Saw Him Die?Ennio Morricone
    4L'AlibiEnnio Morricone
    5The Heart Of A MotherEnnio Morricone
    5The Lady BankerEnnio Morricone
    6The Invisible WomanEnnio Morricone
    6The ProfessionalEnnio Morricone
    7The OutsiderEnnio Morricone
    7The Nun From MonzaEnnio Morricone
    8The ResenterEnnio Morricone
    8Machine Gun McCainEnnio Morricone
    9The Lady CaliphEnnio Morricone
    9The Venetian WomanEnnio Morricone
    10Farewell To MoscowEnnio Morricone
    10The Fifth DawnEnnio Morricone
    11The NeighborhoodEnnio Morricone
    11Private Pictures Of A LadyEnnio Morricone
    12Blood In The StreetsEnnio Morricone
    12Cinema ParadisoEnnio Morricone
    13A Time To KillEnnio Morricone
    13MaddalenaEnnio Morricone
    14To Forget PalernoEnnio Morricone
    14The Poetry Of A WomanEnnio Morricone
    15Piazza Di SpagnaEnnio Morricone
    15What Am I Doing In The Middle Of This Revolution?Ennio Morricone
    16The Night And The MomentEnnio Morricone
    16This Kind Of LoveEnnio Morricone
    17Devil In The BrainEnnio Morricone
    17A Caccia Di LeiEnnio Morricone
    18Two Seasons Of LifeEnnio Morricone
    19The Children Who Are Asking WhyEnnio Morricone
    20Without Apparent MotiveEnnio Morricone
    21My Name Is NobodyEnnio Morricone
    22The SecretEnnio Morricone
    23Il SegretoEnnio Morricone

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