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    1Overture From TommyThe Who
    1ChampagneThe Who
    2Prologue - 1945Pete Townshend
    2There's A DoctorOliver Reed
    3Captain Walker / It's A BoyPete Townshend
    3Go To The MirrorJack Nicholson
    4Bernie's Holiday CampOliver Reed
    4Tommy, Can You Hear Me?Ann Margret
    51951 / What About The Boy?Oliver Reed
    5Smash The MirrorAnn Margret
    6Amazing JourneyPete Townshend
    6I'm FreeRoger Daltrey
    7ChristmasOliver Reed
    7Mother And SonAnn Margret
    8Eyesight To The BlindEric Clapton
    8SensationRoger Daltrey
    9The Acid QueenTina Turner
    9Miracle CureSimon Townshend
    10Do You Think It's Alright? (1)Ann Margret
    10Sally SimpsonPete Townshend
    11Cousin KevinPaul Nicholas
    11WelcomeAnn Margret
    12Do You Think It's Alright? (2)Ann Margret
    12T.V. StudioAnn Margret
    13Fiddle AboutKeith Moon
    13Tommy's Holiday CampKeith Moon
    14Do You Think It's Alright? (3)Ann Margret
    14We're Not Gonna Take ItRoger Daltrey
    15SparksThe Who
    15See Me, Feel Me / Listening To YouRoger Daltrey
    16Extra, Extra, ExtraThe Who
    17Pinball WizardElton John

    Chat About Tommy by Eric Clapton