Etta James - The Complete Modern And Kent Years
    • Etta James - The Complete Modern And Kent Years
    • Released in 2011
    • 42 Songs


    1Baby, Baby, EverynightEtta James
    1The Wallflower (aka Roll With Me Henry)Etta James
    2Hold Me, Squeeze MeEtta James
    2Sunshine Of LoveEtta James
    3Hey! HenryEtta James
    3How Big A FoolEtta James
    4If It Ain't One Thing (feat. Harvey Fuqua)Etta James
    4Be MineEtta James
    5Good Rockin' DaddyEtta James
    5I Hope You're Satisfied (feat. Harvey Fuqua)Etta James
    6Dance With Me, HenryEtta James
    6Crazy Feeling (aka Do Something Crazy)Etta James
    7Don't You RememberEtta James
    7W-O-M-A-NEtta James
    8That's AllEtta James
    8Hickory Dickory DockEtta James
    9Nobody Loves You (Like Me)Etta James
    9My One And OnlyEtta James
    10I'm A FoolEtta James
    10We're In LoveEtta James
    11Shortnin' Bread RockEtta James
    11You Know What I MeanEtta James
    12Tears Of JoyEtta James
    12Strange Things HappeningEtta James
    13Be My Lovey DoveyEtta James
    13Tough LoverEtta James
    14Tough Lover (Take 2)Etta James
    14Fools We Mortals BeEtta James
    15Good Lookin' (Take 8)Etta James
    15Good Lookin'Etta James
    16Then I'll CareEtta James
    16Hey! Henry (Alternate Take)Etta James
    17Crazy Feeling (aka Do Something Crazy) (Alternate Take)Etta James
    17The Pick UpEtta James
    18Market PlaceEtta James
    18Market Place (Alternate Take)Etta James
    19Come What MayEtta James
    19Hey! Henry (Alternate version)Etta James
    20By The Light Of The Silvery MoonEtta James
    20Good Rockin' Daddy (Alternate Mix)Etta James
    21How Big A Fool (Alternate version)Etta James
    22That's All (Alternate Take)Etta James

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