• Guitar
    • Released in 2012
    • 32 Songs


    1Sexual Harassment In The WorkplaceFrank Zappa
    1Variations On Sinister #3Frank Zappa
    2Which One Is It?Frank Zappa
    2Orrin Hatch On SkisFrank Zappa
    3RepublicansFrank Zappa
    3But Who Was Fulcanelli?Frank Zappa
    4Do Not Pass GoFrank Zappa
    4For DuaneFrank Zappa
    5Chalk PieFrank Zappa
    5GOAFrank Zappa
    6In-A-Gadda-StravinskyFrank Zappa
    6Winos Do Not MarchFrank Zappa
    7That's Not Really ReggaeFrank Zappa
    7Swans? What Swans?Frank Zappa
    8When No One Was No OneFrank Zappa
    8Too Ugly For Show BusinessFrank Zappa
    9Once Again, Without The NetFrank Zappa
    9Systems Of EdgesFrank Zappa
    10Outside Now (Original Solo)Frank Zappa
    10Do Not Try This At HomeFrank Zappa
    11Jim & Tammy's Upper RoomFrank Zappa
    11Things That Look Like MeatFrank Zappa
    12Were We Ever Really Safe In San Antonio?Frank Zappa
    12Watermelon In Easter HayFrank Zappa
    13That Ol' G Minor Thing AgainFrank Zappa
    13Canadian CustomsFrank Zappa
    14Hotel Atlanta IncidentalsFrank Zappa
    14Is That All There Is?Frank Zappa
    15That's Not Really A ShuffleFrank Zappa
    15It Ain't Necessarily The Saint James InfirmaryFrank Zappa
    16Move It Or Park ItFrank Zappa
    17Sunrise RedeemerFrank Zappa

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