Uncle Meat
    • Uncle Meat
    • Released in 2012
    • 31 Songs


    1Uncle Meat: Main Title ThemeFrank Zappa
    1Uncle Meat Film Excerpt Part IFrank Zappa
    2The Voice Of CheeseFrank Zappa
    2Tengo Na Minchia TantaFrank Zappa
    3Nine Types Of Industrial PollutionFrank Zappa
    3Uncle Meat Film Excerpt Part IIFrank Zappa
    4Zolar CzaklFrank Zappa
    4King Kong Itself (as played by the Mothers in a studio)Frank Zappa
    5Dog Breath, In The Year Of The PlagueFrank Zappa
    5King Kong (Its Magnificence As Interpreted By Dom DeWild)Frank Zappa
    6The Legend Of The Golden ArchesFrank Zappa
    6King Kong (As Motorhead Explains It)Frank Zappa
    7Louie LouieFrank Zappa
    7King Kong (The Gardner Varieties)Frank Zappa
    8The Dog Breath VariationsFrank Zappa
    8King Kong (As Played By 3 Deranged Good Humor Trucks)Frank Zappa
    9Sleeping In A JarFrank Zappa
    9King Kong (Live On A Flat Bed Diesel In The Middle Of A Race Track At A Miami Pop Festival...The Underwood Remifications)Frank Zappa
    10Our Bizarre RelationshipFrank Zappa
    11The Uncle Meat VariationsFrank Zappa
    12Electric Aunt JemimaFrank Zappa
    13Prelude To King KongFrank Zappa
    14God Bless AmericaFrank Zappa
    15A Pound For A Brown On The BusFrank Zappa
    16Ian Underwood Whips It OutFrank Zappa
    17Mr. Green GenesFrank Zappa
    18We Can Shoot YouFrank Zappa
    19If We'd All Been Living In CaliforniaFrank Zappa
    20The AirFrank Zappa
    21Project XFrank Zappa
    22Cruisin' For BurgersFrank Zappa

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