You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 6
    • You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 6
    • Released in 2012
    • 37 Songs


    1The M.O.I. Anti-Smut Loyalty OathFrank Zappa
    1NYC Halloween AudienceFrank Zappa
    2The Poodle LectureFrank Zappa
    2The Illinois Enema BanditFrank Zappa
    3Dirty LoveFrank Zappa
    3ThirteenFrank Zappa
    4Magic FingersFrank Zappa
    4Lobster GirlFrank Zappa
    5The Madison Panty-Sniffing FestivalFrank Zappa
    5Black NapkinsFrank Zappa
    6Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?Frank Zappa
    6We're Turning AgainFrank Zappa
    7Father O'BlivionFrank Zappa
    7Alien OrificeFrank Zappa
    8Is That Guy Kidding Or What?Frank Zappa
    8Catholic GirlsFrank Zappa
    9I'm So CuteFrank Zappa
    9Crew SlutFrank Zappa
    10White PersonFrank Zappa
    10Tryin' To Grow A ChinFrank Zappa
    11Lonely Person DevicesFrank Zappa
    11Take Your Clothes Off When You DanceFrank Zappa
    12Ms. PinkyFrank Zappa
    12Lisa's Life StoryFrank Zappa
    13Shove It Right InFrank Zappa
    13Lonesome Cowboy NandoFrank Zappa
    14Wind Up Working In A Gas StationFrank Zappa
    14200 Motels FinaleFrank Zappa
    15Make A Sex NoiseFrank Zappa
    15Strictly GenteelFrank Zappa
    16Tracy Is A SnobFrank Zappa
    17I Have Been In YouFrank Zappa
    18Emperor Of OhioFrank Zappa
    19Dinah-Moe HummFrank Zappa
    20He's So GayFrank Zappa
    21Camarillo BrilloFrank Zappa
    22Muffin ManFrank Zappa

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