A Lasting Spirit - The Collection

A Lasting Spirit - The Collection

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  • A Lasting Spirit - The Collection


1Some Sweet DayFairport Convention
1Set Me UpFairport Convention
1Walk AwhileFairport Convention
2You're Gonna Need My HelpFairport Convention
2Reels: Cup Of Tea/ A Loaf Of Bread/ Miss Monahan'sFairport Convention
2John Gaudie (Medley): John Gaudie/ Jack Broke Da Prison Door/ Donald Blue/ The Bonny Isle O' Whalsay/ John GaudieFairport Convention
3Both Sides NowFairport Convention
3Sock In ItFairport Convention
3Poor Will And The Jolly HangmanFairport Convention
4You Never Wanted MeFairport Convention
4All Your BeautyFairport Convention
4Come All YeFairport Convention
5Dear LandlordFairport Convention
5London RiverFairport Convention
5SlothFairport Convention
6Night In The CityFairport Convention
6Honour And PraiseFairport Convention
6FiddlestixFairport Convention
7MarcieFairport Convention
7Rhythm Of The TimeFairport Convention
7SoloFairport Convention
8FotheringayFairport Convention
8How Many TimesFairport Convention
8Close To The WindFairport Convention
9Sir Patrick SpensFairport Convention
9Red And GoldFairport Convention
9Jewel In The CrownFairport Convention
10WingsFairport Convention
10Wat TylerFairport Convention
10I Heard It Through The GrapevineFairport Convention
11SuzanneFairport Convention
11The Wishfulness Waltz (Medley): Wishfulness Waltz/ Midnight On The WaterFairport Convention
11Woodworm SwingFairport Convention
12Jack O' DiamondsFairport Convention
12Claudy BanksFairport Convention
12Si Tu Dois PartirFairport Convention
13Time Will Show The WiserFairport Convention
13Mock Morris '90 (Medley): The Green Man/ The Cropredy Badger/ Molly On The JettyFairport Convention
13Who Knows Where The Time Goes?Fairport Convention
14Mr. LaceyFairport Convention
14Summer Before The WarFairport Convention
14Meet On The LedgeFairport Convention
15Genesis HallFairport Convention
15Sigh Beg Sigh MorFairport Convention
16ReynardineFairport Convention
17Million Dollar BashFairport Convention
18Matty GrovesFairport Convention

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