75 Original Great Performances Remastered

75 Original Great Performances Remastered

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  • 75 Original Great Performances Remastered


1Ain't Misbehavin'Fats Waller
2Smashing ThirdsFats Waller
3I'm Crazy 'Bout My BabyFats Waller
4Red Hot DanFats Waller
5The Digah's StompFats Waller
6GeecheeFats Waller
7Harlem FussFats Waller
8Won't You Get Off It, PleaseFats Waller
9Ridin' But Walkin'Fats Waller
10Handful of KeysFats Waller
11Draggin' My Heart AroundFats Waller
12That's How I Feel TodayFats Waller
13Dallas BluesFats Waller
14SugarFats Waller
15Royal Garden BluesFats Waller
16Yellow Dog BluesFats Waller
17Serenade to a Wealthy WidowFats Waller
18Alligator CrawlFats Waller
19She'll Be Coming Round the MountainFats Waller
20Frankie and JohnnyFats Waller
21I'm a Bum, AlleluiaFats Waller
22Hand Me Down My Walking CaneFats Waller
23Swing Low, Sweet ChariotFats Waller
24Deep RiverFats Waller
25Lord Deliver DanielFats Waller
26Go Down MosesFats Waller
27Oh SusannaFats Waller
28Loch LomondFats Waller
29Waltz from FaustFats Waller
30Intermezzo from Cavalleria RisticanaFats Waller
31When You and I Were Young, MaggieFats Waller
32Oh Dem Golden SlippersFats Waller
33The Old Oaken BucketFats Waller
34Annie LaurieFats Waller
35Your Feets Too BigFats Waller
36Honeysuckle RoseFats Waller
37I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a LetterFats Waller
38The Joint Is Jumpin'Fats Waller
39Sweet SueFats Waller
40NagasakiFats Waller
41Lonesome MeFats Waller
42Let's Pretend There's a MoonFats Waller
43How Can You Face Me?Fats Waller
44Don't Let It Bother YouFats Waller
45My Feelings Are HurtFats Waller
46Sweetie PieFats Waller
47Have a Little Dream On MeFats Waller
48African RipplesFats Waller
49MandyFats Waller
50Do Me a FavourFats Waller
51You're Not the Only Oyster in the StewFats Waller
52Viper's DragFats Waller
53Dream ManFats Waller
54Carolina ShoutFats Waller
55The Sheik of ArabyFats Waller & His Rhythm
56Ooh! Look-A-There, Ain't She PrettyFats Waller & His Rhythm
57B Flat BluesFats Waller & His Rhythm
58RosettaFats Waller & His Rhythm
59Squeeze MeFats Waller & His Rhythm
60Crazy 'Bout My BabyFats Waller & His Rhythm
61I'll Dance At Your WeddingFats Waller & His Rhythm
62E Flat BluesFats Waller & His Rhythm
63I Just Made Up With That Old Girl of MineFats Waller & His Rhythm
64You're Laughing At MeFats Waller & His Rhythm
65Ring Dem BellsFats Waller & His Rhythm
66Up Jumped You With LoveFats Waller & His Rhythm
67Our Love Was Meant to BeFats Waller & His Rhythm
68You Went to My HeadFats Waller & His Rhythm
69Christopher ColumbusFats Waller & His Rhythm
70Dream Man Make Me Dream Some MoreFats Waller & His Rhythm
71What's the Reason (I'm Not Pleasin' You)Fats Waller & His Rhythm
72Sweet and SlowFats Waller & His Rhythm
73I Used to love You But It's All OverFats Waller & His Rhythm
74There'll Be Some Changes MadeFats Waller & His Rhythm
75Everybody Loves My BabyFats Waller

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