First Blood

Conditioned to live life in constant servitude
Never questioning another way of living life
'Cause what I gave you I didn't get back in return
For my time spent building their dreams
'Til I was left with nothing

Spending each waking moment
Waiting for my days to end
A slave to the man
Will someone just save me from this regimen

Forcing myself to do something in absolute compromise
I'm stuck in a rut
Will someone just save me from this torture
From the life that I truly seek

I have to take a chance and live in risk
'Cause these chances are just passing by
Pieces of my soul being to face
Will someone just take me away
From this modern slavery

Just so high someone can climb
Yet still they fall behind
And when it's gone they treat it like it's the end of the world
The end of your world

I can't let life pass me by
Save me from this regimen now

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