Rumours (Deluxe)
    • Rumours (Deluxe)
    • Released in 2013
    • 40 Songs


    1Second Hand News (Early Take)Fleetwood Mac
    1Second Hand NewsFleetwood Mac
    1Intro (Live)Fleetwood Mac
    2Monday Morning (Live)Fleetwood Mac
    2DreamsFleetwood Mac
    2Dreams (Take 2)Fleetwood Mac
    3Never Going Back AgainFleetwood Mac
    3Dreams (Live)Fleetwood Mac
    3Never Going Back Again (Acoustic Duet)Fleetwood Mac
    4Go Your Own Way (Early Take)Fleetwood Mac
    4Don't StopFleetwood Mac
    4Don't Stop (Live)Fleetwood Mac
    5Songbird (Demo)Fleetwood Mac
    5Go Your Own WayFleetwood Mac
    5The Chain (Live)Fleetwood Mac
    6Oh Daddy (Live)Fleetwood Mac
    6Songbird (Instrumental , Take 10)Fleetwood Mac
    6SongbirdFleetwood Mac
    7I Don't Want To Know (Early Take)Fleetwood Mac
    7The ChainFleetwood Mac
    7Rhiannon (Live)Fleetwood Mac
    8You Make Loving FunFleetwood Mac
    8Keep Me There (Instrumental)Fleetwood Mac
    8Never Going Back Again (Live)Fleetwood Mac
    9I Don't Want To KnowFleetwood Mac
    9Gold Dust Woman (Live)Fleetwood Mac
    9The Chain (Demo)Fleetwood Mac
    10World Turning (Live)Fleetwood Mac
    10Keep Me There (With Vocal)Fleetwood Mac
    10Oh DaddyFleetwood Mac
    11Gold Dust WomanFleetwood Mac
    11Go Your Own Way (Live)Fleetwood Mac
    11Gold Dust Woman (Early Take)Fleetwood Mac
    12Songbird (Live)Fleetwood Mac
    12Silver SpringsFleetwood Mac
    12Oh Daddy (Early Take)Fleetwood Mac
    13Silver Springs (Early Take)Fleetwood Mac
    14Planets Of The Universe (Demo)Fleetwood Mac
    15Doesn't Anything Last (Early Take)Fleetwood Mac
    16Never Going Back Again ((Instrumental)Fleetwood Mac

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