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The Voice - The Legend Of Blue Eyes

The Voice - The Legend Of Blue Eyes

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1I get a kick out of youFrank Sinatra
1I've got you under my skinFrank Sinatra
2(Love is) the tender trapFrank Sinatra
2Young at heartFrank Sinatra
3Love and MarriageFrank Sinatra
3Anything goesFrank Sinatra
4Pennies from heavenFrank Sinatra
4From here to EternityFrank Sinatra
5Autumn in New YorkFrank Sinatra
5What is this thing called love?Frank Sinatra
6It Happened In MontereyFrank Sinatra
6I've ho the world on a stringFrank Sinatra
7All of meFrank Sinatra
7Time after timeFrank Sinatra
8You male me feel so youngFrank Sinatra
8My funny ValentineFrank Sinatra
9My one and only loveFrank Sinatra
9Blue skiesFrank Sinatra
10Begin the beguineFrank Sinatra
10Three coins in the fountainFrank Sinatra
11Ol' man riverFrank Sinatra
11They say it's wonderfulFrank Sinatra
12You're sensationalFrank Sinatra
12I fall in love with you everydayFrank Sinatra
13Get happyFrank Sinatra
13It all depends on youFrank Sinatra
14That old feelingFrank Sinatra
14LauraFrank Sinatra
15Love is here to stayFrank Sinatra
15This love of mineFrank Sinatra
16Last night when we were youngFrank Sinatra
16For every man there's a womanFrank Sinatra

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