The Collection 1957-1962
    • The Collection 1957-1962
    • Released in 2013
    • 48 Songs


    1Shy GuyFrankie Avalon
    2Teachers PetFrankie Avalon
    3Ohh La LaFrankie Avalon
    4GingerbreadFrankie Avalon
    5De De DinahFrankie Avalon
    6You Excite MeFrankie Avalon
    7Short Fat FannieFrankie Avalon
    8I'll Wait for YouFrankie Avalon
    9Pretty Eyed BabyFrankie Avalon
    10Too Young to LoveFrankie Avalon
    11FeverFrankie Avalon
    12Oooh! Look A-There, Ain't She PrettyFrankie Avalon
    13Young LoveFrankie Avalon
    14Young and BeautifulFrankie Avalon
    15DianaFrankie Avalon
    16At the HopFrankie Avalon
    17HoneyFrankie Avalon
    18I'm Walkin'Frankie Avalon
    19Little Bitty Pretty OneFrankie Avalon
    20The StrollFrankie Avalon
    21My MomFrankie Avalon
    22You're My GirlFrankie Avalon
    23VenusFrankie Avalon
    24I'm BrokeFrankie Avalon
    25Two FoolsFrankie Avalon
    26Just Ask Your HeartFrankie Avalon
    27WhyFrankie Avalon
    28Swinging on a RainbowFrankie Avalon
    29Bobby Sox to StockingsFrankie Avalon
    30A Boy Without a GirlFrankie Avalon
    31SandyFrankie Avalon
    32Secret LoveFrankie Avalon
    33Step in the Right DirectionFrankie Avalon
    34What's the Reason (I'm Not Pleasing You)Frankie Avalon
    35Did You Ever See a Dream WalkingFrankie Avalon
    36Talk, Talk, TalkFrankie Avalon
    37Don't Throw Away Those TeardropsFrankie Avalon
    38TogethernessFrankie Avalon
    39Don't Let Love Pass Me ByFrankie Avalon
    40A Perfect LoveFrankie Avalon
    41Where Are YouFrankie Avalon
    42All of EverythingFrankie Avalon
    43True True LoveFrankie Avalon
    44You Are MineFrankie Avalon
    45Young and in LoveFrankie Avalon
    46TorneraiFrankie Avalon
    47CapuccinaFrankie Avalon
    48A MiracleFrankie Avalon

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