At the Movies, Vol. 2

At the Movies, Vol. 2

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1Slap That Bass (From "Shall We Dance?")Soundtrack
2Let's Call the Whole Thing Off (From "Shall We Dance?")Soundtrack
3They Can't Take That Away from Me (From "Shall We Dance?")Soundtrack
4Shall We Dance? (From "Shall We Dance?")Soundtrack
5They All Laughed (From "Shall We Dance?")Soundtrack
6I've Got Beginner's Luck (From "Shall We Dance?")Soundtrack
7I Can't Be Bothered Now (From "A Damsel In Distress")Soundtrack
8Things are Looking Up (From "A Damsel In Distress")Soundtrack
9A Foggy Day (From "A Damsel In Distress")Soundtrack
10Nice Work if You Can Get it (From "A Damsel In Distress")Soundtrack
11I Used to Be Colour Blind (From "Carefree")Soundtrack
12The Yam (From "Carefree")Soundtrack
13The Yam (Step Explained)Soundtrack
14Change Partners (From "Carefree")Soundtrack
15Please Don't Monkey with Broadway (From "Broadway Melody of 1940")Soundtrack
16I've Got My Eyes on You (From "Broadway Melody of 1940")Soundtrack
17(Would You Like to Be) the Love of My Life? (From "Second Chorus")Soundtrack
18Poor Mr Chisholm (From "Second Chorus")Soundtrack
19Poor Mr Chisholm (reprise) [From "Second Chorus"]Soundtrack
20(I Ain't Hep That Step But I'll) Dig It (From "Second Chorus")Soundtrack
21Shootin' the Works for Uncle Sam (From "You'll Never Get Rich")Soundtrack
22So Near and Yet so Far (From "You'll Never Get Rich")Soundtrack
23Dream Dancing (From "You'll Never Get Rich")Soundtrack
24Since I Kissed My Baby Goodbye (From "You'll Never Get Rich")Soundtrack
25The Wedding Cake Walk (From "You'll Never Get Rich")Soundtrack

Chat About At the Movies, Vol. 2 by Fred Astaire