At the Movies, Vol. 3

At the Movies, Vol. 3

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  • At the Movies, Vol. 3


1I'll Capture Your Heart Singing (From "Holiday Inn")Fred Astaire
2You're Easy to Dance With (From "Holiday Inn")Fred Astaire
3I Can't Tell a Lie (From "Holiday Inn")Fred Astaire
4You Were Never Lovelier (From "You Were Never Lovelier")Fred Astaire
5Dearly Beloved (From "You Were Never Lovelier")Fred Astaire
6I'm Old Fashioned (From "You Were Never Lovelier")Fred Astaire
7The Shorty George (From "You Were Never Lovelier")Fred Astaire
8A Lot in Common With You (From "The Sky's the Limit")Fred Astaire
9One for My Baby (From "The Sky's the Limit")Fred Astaire
10My Shining Hour (From "The Sky's the Limit")Fred Astaire
11Here's to the Girls (From "The Ziegfeld Follies")Fred Astaire
12This Heart of Mine (From "The Ziegfeld Follies")Fred Astaire
13If Swing Goes, I Go Too (From "The Ziegfeld Follies")Fred Astaire
14The Babbit and the Bromide (From "The Ziegfeld Follies")Fred Astaire
15Coffee Time (From "Yolanda and the Thief")Fred Astaire
16Yolanda (From "Yolanda and the Thief")Fred Astaire
17A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody (From "Blue Skies")Fred Astaire
18Puttin' On the Ritz (From "Blue Skies")Fred Astaire
19A Couple of Song and Dance Men (From "Blue Skies")Fred Astaire
20Heat Wave (From "Blue Skies")Fred Astaire

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