Ses films et ses chansons
    • Ses films et ses chansons
    • Released in 2006
    • 59 Songs


    1Pick yourself upFred Astaire
    1Dig it (i ain't hep to that step but i'll)Fred Astaire
    1My one and onlyFred Astaire
    2Love of my lifeFred Astaire
    2The babbit and the bromideFred Astaire
    2The way you look tonightFred Astaire
    3Poor mister chisholmFred Astaire
    3A fine romanceFred Astaire
    3Puttin' on the ritzFred Astaire
    4Me and the ghost upstairsFred Astaire
    4Bojangles of harlemFred Astaire
    4Crazy feetFred Astaire
    5Dream dancingFred Astaire
    5After you whoFred Astaire
    5Never gonna danceFred Astaire
    6Since i kissed my baby goodbyeFred Astaire
    6I've got beginner's luckFred Astaire
    6Night and dayFred Astaire
    7So near and yet so farFred Astaire
    7Slap that bassFred Astaire
    7Music makes meFred Astaire
    8They all laughedFred Astaire
    8Flying down to rioFred Astaire
    8The wedding cakewalkFred Astaire
    9I'll capture your heartFred Astaire
    9No stringsFred Astaire
    9Let's call the whole things offFred Astaire
    10You're easy to dance withFred Astaire
    10Isn't a lovely dayFred Astaire
    10They can't take that away from meFred Astaire
    11Top hat white tie and tailsFred Astaire
    11Shall we danceFred Astaire
    11I can't tell a lieFred Astaire
    12Dearly belovedFred Astaire
    12Cheek to cheekFred Astaire
    12I can't be bother nowFred Astaire
    13I'm old fashinedFred Astaire
    13Things are looking upFred Astaire
    13The piccolinoFred Astaire
    14A foggy dayFred Astaire
    14We saw the seaFred Astaire
    14The shorty georgeFred Astaire
    15Let yourself goFred Astaire
    15Wedding in the springFred Astaire
    15Nice work if you can get itFred Astaire
    16I'd rather lead a bandFred Astaire
    16You were never lovelierFred Astaire
    16I used to be color blindFred Astaire
    17On the beamFred Astaire
    17I'm putting all my eggs in one basketFred Astaire
    17The yamFred Astaire
    18The yam step explainedFred Astaire
    18Let's face the music and danceFred Astaire
    18This heart of mineFred Astaire
    19I'm building up to an awful let downFred Astaire
    19If swing goes i go tooFred Astaire
    19Change partnersFred Astaire
    20Just like taking a candy from a babyFred Astaire
    21Wo caresFred Astaire

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