Simply the Best
    • Simply the Best
    • Released in 2012
    • 47 Songs


    1No Strings (From "Top Hat 1935")Fred Astaire
    2Isn't This a Lovely Day (From "Top Hat 1935")Fred Astaire
    3Top Hat White Tie and Tails (From "Top Hat 1935")Fred Astaire
    4Cheek to Cheek (From "Top Hat 1935")Fred Astaire
    5The Piccolino (From "Top Hat 1935")Fred Astaire
    6We Saw the Sea (From "Follow the Fleet 1936")Fred Astaire
    7Let Yourself Go (From "Follow the Fleet 1936")Fred Astaire
    8I'd Rather Lead a Band (From "Follow the Fleet 1936")Fred Astaire
    9I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket (From "Follow the Fleet 1936")Fred Astaire
    10Let's Face the Music and Dance (From "Follow the Fleet 1936")Fred Astaire
    11I'm Building Up to an Awful Let Down (From "Follow the Fleet 1936")Fred Astaire
    12Pick Yourself Up (From "Swing Time 1936")Fred Astaire
    13The Way You Look Tonight (From "Swing Time 1936")Fred Astaire
    14The Waltz in Swing Time (From "Swing Time 1936")Fred Astaire
    15A Fine Romance (From "Swing Time 1936")Fred Astaire
    16Bojangles of Harlem (From "Swing Time 1936")Fred Astaire
    17Never Gonna Dance (From "Swing Time 1936")Fred Astaire
    18Slap That Bass (From "Shall We Dance 1937")Fred Astaire
    19Beginner's Luck (From "Shall We Dance 1937")Fred Astaire
    20They All Laughed (From "Shall We Dance 1937")Fred Astaire
    21Let's Call the Whole Thing Off (From "Shall We Dance 1937")Fred Astaire
    22They Can't Take That Away from Me (From "Shall We Dance 1937")Fred Astaire
    23Shall We Dance? (From "Shall We Dance 1937")Fred Astaire
    24The Wedding Cake Walk (From "You'll Never Get Rich")Fred Astaire
    25So Near and Yet So Far (From "You'll Never Get Rich")Fred Astaire
    26Dream Dancing (From "You'll Never Get Rich")Fred Astaire
    27Since I Kissed My Baby Goodbye (From "You'll Never Get Rich")Fred Astaire
    28I Can't Be Bothered Now (From "A Damsel in Distress 1937")Fred Astaire
    29Things Are Looking Up (From "A Damsel in Distress 1937")Fred Astaire
    30A Foggy Day (From "A Damsel in Distress 1937")Fred Astaire
    31Nice Work If You Can Get It (From "A Damsel in Distress 1937")Fred Astaire
    32You Were Never Lovelier (From "You Were Never Lovelier")Fred Astaire
    33The 'shorty George' (From "You Were Never Lovelier")Fred Astaire
    34Dearly Beloved (From "You Were Never Lovelier")Fred Astaire
    35On the Beam (From "You Were Never Lovelier")Fred Astaire
    36I'm Old Fashioned (From "You Were Never Lovelier")Fred Astaire
    37I Used to Be Color Blind (From "Carefree 1938")Fred Astaire
    38Change Partners (From "Carefree 1938")Fred Astaire
    39The Yam (From "Carefree 1938")Fred Astaire
    40The Yam Step (From "Carefree 1938")Fred Astaire
    41Dig It (From "Second Chorus")Fred Astaire
    42You're So Easy to Dance With (From "Holiday Inn")Fred Astaire
    43I Can't Tell a Lie (From "Holiday Inn")Fred Astaire
    44Oh, My Achin' Back (Tap Dance By Fred Astaire)Fred Astaire
    45This Heart of Mine (From "Ziegfeld Follies")Fred Astaire
    46If Swing Goes, I Go Too (From "Ziegfeld Follies")Fred Astaire
    47Puttin' On the Ritz (From "Blue Skies")Fred Astaire

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