The Complete London Sessions

The Complete London Sessions

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  • The Complete London Sessions


1The Whichness Of Whatness ('Stop Flirting')Fred Astaire
1Cheek To CheekFred Astaire
1Top Hat White Tie And TailsFred Astaire
2A Fine RomanceFred Astaire
2Oh Gee! Oh Gosh!Fred Astaire
2Life Is BeautifulFred Astaire
3You Worry MeFred Astaire
3Hang On To Me (Lady Be Good)Fred Astaire
3They Can't Take That Away From MeFred Astaire
4A Foggy Day (A Damsel In Distress)Fred Astaire
4Attitude DancingFred Astaire
4Fascinating Rhythm (Lady Be Good)Fred Astaire
5City Of The AngelsFred Astaire
5The Half Of It Dearie Blues (Lady Be Good)Fred Astaire
5Wonderful BabyFred Astaire
6Session Sound Bites - Part One 'Faulty Freddie'Fred Astaire
6My Eyes Adored YouFred Astaire
6I'd Rather Charleston (Lady Be Good)Fred Astaire
7Dance In The Old Fashioned WayFred Astaire
7A Couple Of Song And Dance MenFred Astaire & Bing Crosby
7Swiss Miss (Cabhorse Trot) Yodel Song (Lady Be Good)Fred Astaire
8Funny Face (Funny Face)Fred Astaire
8Isn't This A Lovely Day?Fred Astaire
8Top BillingFred Astaire & Bing Crosby
9The Babbitt And The Bromide (Funny Face)Fred Astaire
9RoxieFred Astaire & Bing Crosby
9I'm Building Up To An Awful Let DownFred Astaire
10Spring Spring SpringFred Astaire & Bing Crosby
10High Hat (Funny Face)Fred Astaire
10The Wailing Of The WillowFred Astaire
11Easy To RememberFred Astaire
11My One And Only (Funny Face)Fred Astaire
11How Lucky Can You Get?Fred Astaire & Bing Crosby
12Not My GirlFred Astaire
12Not My GirlFred Astaire
12Mr Keyboard ManFred Astaire & Bing Crosby
13I Love Everybody But YouFred Astaire
13LouisianaFred Astaire
13In The Cool Cool Cool Of The EveningFred Astaire & Bing Crosby
14Puttin' On The RitzFred Astaire
14I've A Shooting Box In ScotlandFred Astaire & Bing Crosby
14One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)Fred Astaire
15SingFred Astaire & Bing Crosby
15That FaceFred Astaire
15Crazy Feet (Film Happy Days)Fred Astaire
16Pick Yourself UpFred Astaire & Bing Crosby
16Something's Gotta GiveFred Astaire
16After You WhoFred Astaire
17Top Billing (Reprise)Fred Astaire & Bing Crosby
17Night And DayFred Astaire
17I Wanna Be A Dancin' Man (Film 'Belle Of New York')Fred Astaire
18Flying Down To Rio (Flying Down To Rio)Fred Astaire
18Night and DayFred Astaire
18Session Sound Bites Part Two - Blow-Ups With BingFred Astaire & Bing Crosby
19Music Makes Me (Flying Down To Rio)Fred Astaire
19They All Laughed (Shall We Dance)Fred Astaire
19That's EntertainmentFred Astaire

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