He Wasn't Murdered (LP Version)

He Wasn't Murdered (LP Version)

Freedy Johnston

He wasn't murdered by love or loneliness
He walked out on his own
It was a holiday night
He was out of state before she knew he'd gone

Leaving just enough for the weekly rent
Plus a little change
Taking the long way to anyplace
In the frozen rain

It was a roadside stop with a broken name
And he sat there all alone
In the used-up mirror he saw his ghost come slowly walking over

He said, "Where are you goin' son?
I'll go too.
Listen, don't you think I know
What you've been doin'?"

He wasn't murdered or lost or ransomed off
He walked out on his own
With a rain to wash his conscience off
And an idea where he's goin'

Looking both ways on a one-way street
But the light won't change
Finding just enough behind the seat
To make her telephone ring

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