• Disconnection
    • Released in 2013
    • 45 Songs


    1Call Out the DogsGary Numan
    1RumourGary Numan
    1BerserkerGary Numan
    2My Dying MachineGary Numan
    2I Die, You DieGary Numan
    2My BreathingGary Numan
    3I Can't StopGary Numan
    3Cold WarningGary Numan
    3The Sleep RoomGary Numan
    4Me, I Disconnect From YouGary Numan
    4I Can't StopGary Numan
    4Pump It UpGary Numan
    5Child With the GhostGary Numan
    5Strange CharmGary Numan
    5My BreathingGary Numan
    6The HunterGary Numan
    6CarsGary Numan
    6The NeedGary Numan
    7Empty Bed, Empty HeartGary Numan
    7This Is LoveGary Numan
    7We Take Mystery (To Bed)Gary Numan
    8We Are GlassGary Numan
    8Hear Am IGary Numan
    8Time to DieGary Numan
    9Machine and SoulGary Numan
    9Are 'Friends' Electric?Gary Numan
    9Call Out the DogsGary Numan
    10Down In the ParkGary Numan
    10This DiseaseGary Numan
    10GeneratorGary Numan
    11My Shadow In VainGary Numan
    11Your FascinationGary Numan
    11The Skin GameGary Numan
    12EmotionGary Numan
    12MiraclesGary Numan
    12PoisonGary Numan
    13Love IsolationGary Numan
    13Your FascinationGary Numan
    13CreaturesGary Numan
    14Time to DieGary Numan
    14TricksGary Numan
    14In a Glass HouseGary Numan
    15God Only KnowsGary Numan
    15The Skin GameGary Numan
    16I Still RememberGary Numan

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