Round the House and Mind the Dresser

Round the House and Mind the Dresser

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1Come To The Fair / Sixpenny Bit / The Barren Rocks of Aden (Polkas ForThe Set)University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble
2Mike Sullivan's / Tom Billy's (Fling And Hornpipe For The Set)Johnny Leary
3The Twenty-One-highland (Fling For The Highland)Jonhnny Docherty
4Sean Haye's/If There Weren't Any Women In The World (Tunes for the Barndance)Gene Kelly
5The Little Fair Child (Song Air for the Old-Time Waltz)Jimmy Power
6Untitled/Limerick Races (Flings For The Highland)The Four Provinces Orchestra
7The First of May / The Last of June (Polkas for the Set)Rose Murphy
8Untitled (Tune for the First Part of the Lancers)Tommy Healy
9Casey's Favourites (Flings For The Highland)Garyowen Irish Recording Orchestra
10Patrick O'Keefe's / Untitled (March and Slide for the Set)Julia Clifford
11Untitled / Untitled/ Lord Moira (Flings For The Highland)Flanagan Brothers
12The Stack of Barley / Bantry Bay (Hornpipes for the Stack of Barley)Michael Coleman
13The Roaqd To Ballisadare (Hornpipe For Sean-Nos Stepdancing)Rose Murphy
14Untitled (Tune For The Mazurka)Hugh Gillespie
15She Has'nt the Thing She Thought She Had / The Cat In the Corner (Single Jig & Polka For The Set)Gene Kelly
16McDermott's / Memories of Sligo (Tunes for the Barndance)Paddy Kiloran
17The Worn Torn Petticoat / Dennis O'Keefe's Favourite (Slides For The Set)Johnny Leary
18Katy Jone's Reel (Fling for the Highland)Frank Quinn
19Mrs Kenney (Tune for the Old Time Waltz)Johnny Duffy
20Up And Away / The Merry GirlMcKenna & Gaffney
21Bill the WeaverJulia Clifford
22Marquis of Huntley / Skin-A-Ma-Rink (Flings for the Highland)The Four Provinces Orchestra
23Stack Ryan's (Polka for the Set)Bernard O'Sullivan
24Batt Henry's Favourite / Untitled (Tunes for the Barndance)Paddy Sweeney
25Reagan's (Slide for the Set)Terry Teahan
26The Versovienna / Untitled / Untitled (Tunes for the Versovienna)Michael Gorman
27The Return of Spring /The Mountain PathwayJames Morrison
28The Flowing Tide (Hornpipe For The Cashel Set)Billy Clifford

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