Just For You  (Album Version)

Just For You (Album Version)

George Duke

You are my life
Everybody knows how I feel about you
Loving your smile
And your soft caress
My love for you shines brightly
I must confess that
you are my life
I want us to be like a dream that's come true
I want opur love to grow in special ways
Our hopes and visions, yeah
To be the same
I love you
Just for you
Just for you (I love you)
Just for you (I need you)
Just for you

Open your heart and let go
Give me your hand and let me know

You are my life
Everything I do
I'm thinking of you
I'm willing to try if you're willing to care
Love is the joy and pain of two that share
Just for you
Just for you
Just for you
Just for you
Just for you
Just for you

Written by DUKE, GEORGE
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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