This Time Around
    • This Time Around
    • Released in 2007
    • 28 Songs


    1Medusa (With Trapeze) (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    2You Are The Music, We're Just The band (With Trapeze) (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    3Sail Away (with Deep Purple) (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    4Holy man (with Deep Purple) (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    5You Can't Do It Right (with Deep Purple) (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    6Gettin' Tighter (with Deep Purple) (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    7LA Cut Off (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    8I Found A Woman (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    9Muscle And Blood (Hughes Thrall) (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    10No Stranger To Love (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    11So Much To Give (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    12Burn (Live)Glenn Hughes
    13Coast To Coast (Live)Glenn Hughes
    14Coffee And Vanilla (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    15I Don't Want to Live That Way Again (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    16The Way It Is (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    17Curse (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    18Double Life (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    19Midnight Meditated (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    20Can't Stop The Flood (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    21Don't Let It Slip Away (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    22Secret Life (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    23Dark Star (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    24Soul Mover (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    25Dopamine (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    26Steppin' On (Studio)Glenn Hughes
    27Justine (Previously Unreleased Demo) (Demo Track)Glenn Hughes
    28This Time Around (Live)Glenn Hughes

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