Pretty Eve In The Tub

Pretty Eve In The Tub

God Help the Girl

Pretty Eve in the tub
Please allow me to scrub
Please allow me to rub
Tell me cares of the day
Let me wash them away
All the hideous weight

Dry you gently
Dress you tenderly
And ready for bed
You're asleep still standing up
I like you not made up

You've got a nice face
It is crumpled and creased
From the way that you sleep
But I like you best
In one of my vests
That you casually keep

Steal from me my underwear
You wear it better than me
Go all day, no false alarms
You charm them on the walk
On Liberfy Shirka (?)
Management Lady
Government spy

Long legged girl from the west
You came onto the scene
Like an energetic beam
Charming ways you have learnt
All the guys have been bent
By your mesmerising gaze

Waltzing into situations
Thinkers(?) getting a raise
Writing home to tell you folks
About the silly ways
Are nagging at you
What's a girl s'posed to do
When a city closes in
Noise from the lady upstairs
She's as deaf as a post
As transparent as a ray

Boys are queuing
Trouble's brewing
But you take it all in
Ride the wave
Of their affection
Look behind the gaze
And confessions of loss

Pretty Eve in the tub
Please allow me to scrub
Please allow me to rub
Please allow me to scrub

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