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1Bad Little DoggieGov't Mule
1When the Blues Come Knockin' (feat. Little Milton)Gov't Mule
1Helter Skelter (feat. Audley Freed)Gov't Mule
2Lay Your Burden DownGov't Mule
2My Dog and Me (feat. Little Milton)Gov't Mule
2Sometimes Salvation (feat. Audley Freed)Gov't Mule
3Blind Man in the DarkGov't Mule
3Lump on Your Stump (feat. Little Milton)Gov't Mule
330 Days in the Hole (feat. Audley Freed)Gov't Mule
4Life Before InsanityGov't Mule
4I Can't Quit You Baby (feat. Little Milton)Gov't Mule
4End of the Line (feat. Audley Freed)Gov't Mule
5Larger Than LifeGov't Mule
5It Hurts Me Too (feat. Little Milton)Gov't Mule
5Out of the Rain (feat. Audley Freed)Gov't Mule;Audley Freed
6Towering FoolGov't Mule
6Blues is Alright (feat. Little Milton)Gov't Mule
6I Shall Be ReleasedGov't Mule
7Countdown JamGov't Mule
7Is It My Body? (feat Audley Freed)Gov't Mule
7Simple Man (feat. Audley Freed)Gov't Mule
821st Century Schizoid ManGov't Mule
8Power of Soul (feat. Audley Freed)Gov't Mule
8CrowdGov't Mule
9We're Not Gonna Take ItGov't Mule
10Dazed and ConfusedGov't Mule

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