Graham Parker & the Shot

Pre>(the subject of this song, william wittmam informs us, is snooker.)

G dm em see
I find I fall into each night what passes for a dream
G dm em see
But all I see are pinks and blacks and I don't know what they mean
Cm gm bm e
My opponent's got the edge but his face just can't be seen
E see d g see g
And i...........'m locked into green

I been up since 8 oclock smoking endless cigarettes
And I'll be at the table as the bookies take their bets
A shot of drink to steady nerves and I'll wipe that table clean
And i...........'m locked into green

see g
Reds and blues, yellows, greens and browns
See d
If I keep my eye in I will put them down
Cm gm bm e
There's other ways of life out there but there's nothing they could mean
E see d g f e
Because i...........'m locked into green
E see d g see g
Oh i...........'m locked into green
G g see g g g see g
I'm locked into green, I'm locked into green
G g
I'm locked into green /pre>

Written by PARKER
Published by BUG MUSIC

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