Complete Studio Rarities Collection
    • Complete Studio Rarities Collection
    • Released in 2013
    • 60 Songs


    1Early Morning Rain (Previously Unissued Version)Grateful Dead
    2I Know You Rider (Previously Unissued Version)Grateful Dead
    3Mindbender(Confusion's Prince) (Previously Unissued Version)Grateful Dead
    4The Only Time Is Now (Previously Unissued Version)Grateful Dead
    5Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks)Grateful Dead
    6Can't Come DownThe Warlocks
    7Stealin' (Previously Unissued Instrumental Version)Grateful Dead
    8Stealin' (Vocal Version)Grateful Dead
    9Don't Ease Me In (Previously Unissued Instrumental Version)Grateful Dead
    10Don't Ease Me In (Vocal Version)Grateful Dead
    11You Don't Have To AskGrateful Dead
    12Tastebud (Previously Unissued Instrumental Version)Grateful Dead
    13Tastebud (Vocal Version)Grateful Dead
    14I Know You Rider (Scorpio Sessions Version)Grateful Dead
    15Cold Rain And Snow (Previously Unissued Instrumental Version)Grateful Dead
    16Cold Rain And Snow (Previously Unissued Vocal Version)Grateful Dead
    17Fire In The City (From the Film Sons and Daughters)Grateful Dead
    27Dark Star (Remastered Version)Grateful Dead
    28WB Commercial for Live/DeadGrateful Dead
    30Workingman's DeadGrateful Dead
    32RippleGrateful Dead
    33Album Radio Spot KPPCGrateful Dead
    34Radio Promo for Grateful Dead LiveGrateful Dead
    37China Doll (Studio Outtake)Grateful Dead
    38Loose Lucy (Studio Outtake)Grateful Dead
    39Pride Of Cucamonga (Studio Acoustic Demo)Grateful Dead
    40Unbroken Chain (Studio Acoustic Demo)Grateful Dead
    41Groove #1 (Instrumental Studio Outtake)Grateful Dead
    42Groove #2 (Instrumental Studio Outtake)Grateful Dead
    43Distorto (Instrumental Studio Outtake)Grateful Dead
    44A To E Flat Jam (Instrumental Studio Outtake)Grateful Dead
    45Proto 18 Proper (Instrumental Studio Outtake)Grateful Dead
    46Hollywood Cantata (Studio Outtake)Grateful Dead
    47Peggy-O (Instrumental Studio Outtake)Grateful Dead
    48The Ascent (Instrumental Studio Outtake)Grateful Dead
    49Catfish John (Studio Outtake)Grateful Dead
    50Equinox (Studio Outtake)Grateful Dead
    51Fire On The Mountain (Studio Outtake)Grateful Dead
    52Good Lovin' (Studio Outtake)Grateful Dead
    53Peggy-O (Studio Outtake)Grateful Dead
    54What'll You RaiseGrateful Dead
    55Jack-A-Roe (Studio Outtake)Grateful Dead
    56To Lay Me Down (Studio Rehearsal)Grateful Dead
    57My Brother Esau (Single B-Side)Grateful Dead
    58Black Muddy River (Studio Rehearsal)Grateful Dead
    59When Push Comes To Shove (Studio Rehearsal)Grateful Dead
    60Touch Of Grey (Studio Rehearsal)Grateful Dead

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