Love Songs

Love Songs

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1SubstituteGregory Isaacs
1Sister LoveGregory Isaacs
1SmileGregory Isaacs
2Mr. BrownGregory Isaacs
2UnforgettableGregory Isaacs
2Soon ForwardGregory Isaacs
3Ba-daGregory Isaacs
3My NumberGregory Isaacs
3Once AgoGregory Isaacs
4Looking BackGregory Isaacs
4Love Is OverdueGregory Isaacs
4Special GuestGregory Isaacs
5Late At NightGregory Isaacs
5MistakeGregory Isaacs
5Don't GoGregory Isaacs
6Hush DarlingGregory Isaacs
6Don't BelieveGregory Isaacs
6Miss Touch and GoGregory Isaacs
7Coming HomeGregory Isaacs
7If I Don't Have YouGregory Isaacs
7Rose in Your GardenGregory Isaacs
8Me You Looking forGregory Isaacs
8Bouncing BallGregory Isaacs
8Let's DanceGregory Isaacs
9My Only LoverGregory Isaacs
9Just Because I'm ShyGregory Isaacs
9Here By AppointmentGregory Isaacs
10Hey GirlGregory Isaacs
10Lonely SoldierGregory Isaacs
10I Will ReturnGregory Isaacs
11Front DoorGregory Isaacs
11Goosie GanderGregory Isaacs
11If Tomorrow Never ComesGregory Isaacs
12Night NurseGregory Isaacs
12My Native WomanGregory Isaacs
12Mellow MoodGregory Isaacs
13Can't Give You My Love AloneGregory Isaacs
13Love Me With FeelingsGregory Isaacs
13New LoverGregory Isaacs
14Can't Stay AwayGregory Isaacs
14Yes I DoGregory Isaacs
14Hold TightGregory Isaacs
15What a FeelingGregory Isaacs
15Lonely DaysGregory Isaacs
15Lonely TeardropsGregory Isaacs
16Sun Shines for MeGregory Isaacs
16Tune inGregory Isaacs
16Spend the NightGregory Isaacs
17Lovers MagicGregory Isaacs
17Sunday MorningGregory Isaacs
17I'm LeavingGregory Isaacs
18Be True to MeGregory Isaacs
18One More ChanceGregory Isaacs
18Top TenGregory Isaacs
19Gimme GimmeGregory Isaacs
19Objection OverruledGregory Isaacs
19Addicted to YouGregory Isaacs
20If You See My MaryGregory Isaacs
20Permanent LoverGregory Isaacs
20Story Book ChildrenGregory Isaacs

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