Guy Clark

It was in the town of Nashville in the year of 75
This Arizona star, she just fell out of the sky
She was shining like a diamond, she had tombstones in her eyes
She liked drinking she liked smoking, she liked dancing in the aisles

She was a primadonna, pre-madonna, hard time southern bell
Man she should have been an actress oh she played the part so well
She might have been a singer, but you really couldn't really tell
She was the Arizona star and she was born to give 'em hell

When your cool, the sun shines all the time
So she always kept her shades on to keep from going blind
She was cool, She was out there so far
She was nothing less and nothing more than the Arizona Star

She had a girlfriend named George, George carried a sword
And wore purple tights an they hung out every night
Oh I'm talking bout a circus man, I'm talking bout three rings
And there was four or five clowns in a washing machine
Oh she never met a stranger least as far as I can tell
She was the Arizona Star and Jim McGuire he knew her well
She made real an oxymoron, she made mirrors she made smoke
She had a curve ball that wouldn't quit and a girlfriend for a joke


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