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We're From Canada

We're From Canada

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1We're Proud of CanadaVarious Artists
1O CanadaVarious Artists
2O Canada/God Save The KingVarious Artists
2Get Your WingsVarious Artists
3NanetteVarious Artists
3You Belong to my HeartVarious Artists
4Over ThereVarious Artists
4Reel MedleyVarious Artists
5Put Away a Little Ray of Sunshine for a Rainy DayVarious Artists
5Blue Danube WaltzVarious Artists
6I'm a DaddyVarious Artists
6Snoops the LawyerBeatrice Lillie
7Menuet CelebreVarious Artists
7There are Fairies at the Bottom of our GardenBeatrice Lillie
8Butterfly WaltzVarious Artists
8Drink to Me Only with Thine EyesVarious Artists
9The Lord's PrayerVarious Artists
9A St. MaloVarious Artists
10Peter GinkSix Brown Brothers
10Don't Play Bingo Tonight, MotherVarious Artists
11EgyptlandSix Brown Brothers
11Too-Ra-Loo-Rah-Lor-RahVarious Artists
12Cathedral in the PinesVarious Artists
12Paradise AlleyVarious Artists
13Sweet Hawaiian MoonlightVarious Artists
13The Girl in the Bonnet of BlueVarious Artists
14I'm Old FashionedVarious Artists
14Hungarian Dance No. 5Various Artists
15Dance of the HoursVarious Artists
15When the Lights Go OnVarious Artists
16Sweethearts on ParadeJohnny Marvin
16LiebestraumVarious Artists
17Dangerous Dan McGrewGuy Lombardo
17Light Cavalry OvertureVarious Artists
18Hop-Scotch PolkaGuy Lombardo
19Little Lady Make BelieveGuy Lombardo
20So Little TimeGuy Lombardo

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