Greatest Divas Of House Vol.1

Greatest Divas Of House Vol.1

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1Victim of Love (Francesco Diaz Sunshine Mix) (feat. Michelle Weeks)Various Artists
2Music In My LifeAngie Brown
3Funk Up My DayD'Stephanie
4Don't Stop (Random Soul Remix) (featuring Alana Bidgewater)Kwality Kontrol
5A Better Love (Original) (feat. Lelani)Sueno Soul
6You Got Me Burning Up! (Triple D Mix) (feat. Loleatta Holloway)Cevin Fisher
7Keep Pushin (Sharam Jey Vocal Mix)Inaya Day
8Dancin' (Sueno Soul Peak Time Remix) (feat. Jaquita)A Tribe Called Es
9Let Me Do My ThangGwen McCrae
10Devotion (Alfred Azzetto Remix) (inv. Harriet Roberts)Christian Hornbostel
11Music Is The Answer (Original Mix) (feat. Elliotte Williams N'Dure)Kid Massive
12What 2 Do (Craveiro's Out Of Jersey Mix) (feat. Angela Caran)Can 7
13Inner Eye (Francesco Diaz Soulful Vox Mix) (feat. Fabal)Daniel Ortega
14No Other Man (featuring Angie Brown)Steven Stone
15Walking (Walkin' With Moog) (feat. Lisa Pure)Various Artists
16You're My Oasis (Danya and Ferry's Extended Mix)Java
17Life Is Too Short (Full Vocal Mix) (feat. Bonny Ferrer)Francesco Diaz
18Horny (Hamburg Gets Horny Mix)Various Artists
19Love 4 Love (Jorge Martin's Remix)Michelle Weeks
20Missing Me (Original Vocal) (featuring Diana Waite)Various Artists

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