50 New Year's Eve Dance Party Hits

50 New Year's Eve Dance Party Hits

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  • 50 New Year's Eve Dance Party Hits


1Let's All Chant (Rob Mayth Mix)Straight Flush
2We Will Rock U (Like Thiz) (Beat Booty Mix)Dancecore Broth.
3When The Rain Begins To Fall (Extended Version)Age Pee
4Take My Hand (Original Club Mix) (feat. Mimi)Various Artists
5The Day After The Party (Rock Band Remix)Various Artists
6Shut Up (Cascada Remix)Springbreak
7One In A Million (Club Mix)Melanie Flash
8Und Wir Klatschen (Dance Radio Mix)2 Gentlemaenner
9I Love The 90's (Recharged 90's Mix)Haddaway
10Country Roads (Radio Edit)The Vain Boy
11The Little Things (Blue Nature Remix)Night Flight
12Happy Children 2009 (Demy Shine Vocal Remix)P.Lion
13Klaus Der Weisse Reggae MannBambus Klaus
14Das Spiel des Lebens (Radio Version)Rico Diamond
15Color My World (Original Extended)Various Artists
16Good Bye (Na Na Na) (Original Mix Extended) (feat. Bar10ders)Various Artists
17(I Got U) In My Mind (Deepforces Remix)Various Artists
18I Am The Sunshine In Mei'm LebenBambus Klaus
19She's Got That Light (Extended Version)Straight Flush
20Don't Joke With Fire (Alternative Mix)Dr. Alban
21Hold Me Now (Club Rockerz Mix) (feat. David Posor)Various Artists
22Living In A Box (D-Tune Vs. Sunics Dance Box)Beat Control
23One More Try (DJ Gio Extended)Various Artists
24Rockett Crockett (Maxi Version)David Jach
25The Summer Is Coming (Manox Extended)Various Artists
26All that she wants (Francesco Conte & Giorgio Conte Dancehall Extended)Kontè
27Still Loving You (Sun Kidz Extended)Various Artists
28Sunshine (Rob Mayth Remix)Various Artists
29Party Weekend (Dancecore Broth. Remix)Celebration Farrow
30Summer Is Calling (RainDropz! Extended) (feat. Sandra)Various Artists
31Fly Away (RainDropz! Extended)Various Artists
32All I Want (Club Mix)Liz Meyer
33The Little Things (Drillheadz Remix)Night Flight
34Wherever You Go (Original Extended) (feat. C.Y.T.)Various Artists
35Where Have You Gone (Original Mix)Various Artists
36Don't Kiss (Popmuschi Remix)Muzic Loverz
37Halt Mich Fest (Original Radio Edit) (feat. David Posor)Various Artists
38Saturday Party Time (Original Mix)Özkan Önder
39Touch Me (Radio Edit)Cliff Wedge
40Zereos 2 Hereos (Radio Mix)SMP
41Instant Moments 2009 (DJ Chick Remix)Various Artists
42Musica (Fiesta Extended) (feat. Jeyla)Various Artists
43Lauter, Härter, Schneller (Major Tosh Radio Remix)Various Artists
44So Fun (Simon Funk Mix)Various Artists
45DesktopGigi Cerin DJ
46Because The Night (Radio Edit)Destino
47Ready Set Go! (Secret Layor Radio Mix)Various Artists
48Club Culture (The Anthem)Various Artists
49Silent Water (Detailer Mix)Various Artists
50Night Of Passion (Original Extended) (feat. Tina More)DJAxelC

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