Harry Belafonte Fifty Favourites

Harry Belafonte Fifty Favourites

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1Day-O - Banana Boat SongHarry Belafonte
2Island In The SunHarry Belafonte
3Jamaica FarewellHarry Belafonte
4MatildaHarry Belafonte
5Scarlett RibbonsHarry Belafonte
6Unchained MelodyHarry Belafonte
7The Jack-Ass SongHarry Belafonte
8HosannaHarry Belafonte
9Come Back LizaHarry Belafonte
10Brown Skin GirlHarry Belafonte
11Man Smart Woman SmarterHarry Belafonte
12Merci, Bon DieuHarry Belafonte
13Hava NageelaHarry Belafonte
14Danny BoyHarry Belafonte
15Scratch ScratchHarry Belafonte
16Lucy's DoorHarry Belafonte
17Cordelia BrownHarry Belafonte
18Don't Ever Love MeHarry Belafonte
19Love, Love AloneHarry Belafonte
20Cocoanut WomenHarry Belafonte
21Haiti CherieHarry Belafonte
22Judy DrowndedHarry Belafonte
23I Do Adore HerHarry Belafonte
24Angelique-OHarry Belafonte
25Lead Man HollerHarry Belafonte
26Come O My LoveHarry Belafonte
27ShenandoahHarry Belafonte
28Mary's Boy ChildHarry Belafonte
29Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu PalomaHarry Belafonte
30Eden Was Just Like ThisHarry Belafonte
31When The Saints Go Marching InHarry Belafonte
32Dolly DawnHarry Belafonte
33In That Great Getting' Up Mornin'Harry Belafonte
34Star-OHarry Belafonte
35Jump Down, Spin AroundHarry Belafonte
36SylvieHarry Belafonte
37John HenryHarry Belafonte
38Tol' My CaptainHarry Belafonte
39Kalenda Rock (Mourning Song)Harry Belafonte
40The Drummer And The CookHarry Belafonte
41The FoxHarry Belafonte
42Soldier, SoldierHarry Belafonte
43The Next Big RiverHarry Belafonte
44DeliaHarry Belafonte
45Mo MaryHarry Belafonte
46Lord RandallHarry Belafonte
47WaterboyHarry Belafonte
48TroublesHarry Belafonte
49SuzanneHarry Belafonte
50Will His Love Be Like His Rum?Harry Belafonte

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