The Gold Medal Collection
    • The Gold Medal Collection
    • Released in 2010
    • 32 Songs


    1TaxiHarry Chapin
    1A Better Place To BeHarry Chapin
    2Sunday Morning SunshineHarry Chapin
    2Mail Order AnnieHarry Chapin
    3Old College AvenueHarry Chapin
    3Performing (Interview)Harry Chapin
    4Dirty Old ManHarry Chapin
    4W*O*L*D* (Edited Live Version)Harry Chapin
    5I Wanna Learn A Love SongHarry Chapin
    5Mr. Tanner (Edited Live Version)Harry Chapin
    6Cat's In The CradleHarry Chapin
    6Corey's ComingHarry Chapin
    7Tangled Up PuppetHarry Chapin
    7A Child Is Born (Speech Excerpt)Harry Chapin
    8Dancin' BoyHarry Chapin
    8SniperHarry Chapin
    9Thanksgiving Hunger Drives (Speech Excerpt)Harry Chapin
    9Calluses (Audio Portion from a Film Excerpt)Harry Chapin
    10Flowers Are RedHarry Chapin
    10The RockHarry Chapin
    11She Sings Without WordsHarry Chapin
    11Dance Band On The TitanicHarry Chapin
    12Shooting StarHarry Chapin
    12I Wonder What Would Happen To This WorldHarry Chapin
    13Winter SongHarry Chapin
    13SequelHarry Chapin
    14Story Of A LifeHarry Chapin
    14My Grandfather (Speech Excerpt)Harry Chapin
    15Commitment and Pete Seeger (Interview)Harry Chapin
    15Remember When The Music (Reprise)Harry Chapin
    16There Was Only One Choice (Edited Version)Harry Chapin
    16Circle (Live Version)Harry Chapin

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