Portraits: Harry Cox -- What Will Become of England?
    • Portraits: Harry Cox -- What Will Become of England?
    • Released in 2011
    • 46 Songs


    1What Will Become of England?Harry Cox
    2My LifeHarry Cox
    3A-Going to Widdliecombe FairHarry Cox
    4Working in a GangHarry Cox
    5The Spotted CowHarry Cox
    6Barton WaltzHarry Cox
    7The HarvestHarry Cox
    8The Barley StrawHarry Cox
    9The Farmer's ServantHarry Cox
    10The Pretty PloughboyHarry Cox
    11My Grandfather and My FatherHarry Cox
    12Jack Tar on ShoreHarry Cox
    13Two Hornpipes: Yarmouthand Meg MerileesHarry Cox
    14On Board of the KangarooHarry Cox
    15Young and GrowingHarry Cox
    16My MotherHarry Cox
    17My UpbringingHarry Cox
    18The Foggy DewHarry Cox
    19Hunger and PayHarry Cox
    20Three ToastsHarry Cox
    21Nelson's MonumentHarry Cox
    22I Used to Go Along of HimHarry Cox
    23Barton Broad Babbing BalladHarry Cox
    24Babbing for EelsHarry Cox
    25Talk and Melodeon PiecesHarry Cox
    26Singing in Public HousesHarry Cox
    27Charming and DelightfulHarry Cox
    28The Old SongsHarry Cox
    29On Yon Lofty MountainHarry Cox
    30Learning from My MotherHarry Cox
    31She Never Had Time to Sit DownHarry Cox
    32The Turkish LadyHarry Cox
    33PoachingHarry Cox
    34Henry the PoacherHarry Cox
    35Windy Old WeatherHarry Cox
    36My Father at SeaHarry Cox
    37Sweet WilliamHarry Cox
    38How My Father Learned SongsHarry Cox
    39The Yarmouth Fishermen's SongHarry Cox
    40The CrocodlileHarry Cox
    41The Soldier and Sailor's PrayerHarry Cox
    42London is as Sharp as the Edge of a KnifeHarry Cox
    43Up to the Rigs of London TownHarry Cox
    44Up to the Present I Ain't Forgot Anything YetHarry Cox
    45Blackberry FoldHarry Cox
    46Adieu to Old Eng-e-land, Here's AdieuHarry Cox

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