Strange Euphoria

Strange Euphoria

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1Through Eyes and GlassAnn Wilson & The Daybreaks
1Bebe Le StrangeHeart
2Magic Man (Demo)Heart
2Silver WheelsHeart
2Sand (Live)Lovemongers
3How Deep It Goes (Demo)Heart
3Even It Up Heart
3Everything (Live)Nancy Wilson
4Crazy On You (Demo)Heart
4Sweet Darlin'Heart
4She Still Believes (Live)Heart
5City's BurningHeart
5Any Woman's Blues (Demo)Heart with the Seattle Blues Revue Horns
6Love AliveHeart
6Strange EuphoriaHeart
7Sylvan SongHeart
7Love MistakeHeart
7Boppy's Back (Demo)Heart
8Dream of the ArcherHeart
8Lucky Day (Demo)Heart
8Friend Meets FriendLovemongers
9White Lightning & Wine (Live At The Aquarius)Heart
9Love Or Madness (Live)Heart
10Barracuda (Live)Heart
10Skin To SkinHeart
11Little QueenHeart
11Fallen OnesHeart
12Kick It OutHeart
13Here Song (Demo)Heart
14Heartless (Demo)Heart
14Unconditional Love (Demo)Heart
15Dog & Butterfly (Acoustic Demo)Heart
15High Romance (Demo)Heart
15Queen CityHeart
16Straight OnHeart
16Hey YouHeart
17Nada OneHeart
17Desire Walks On (Beach Demo Version)Heart

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