The Fidelity Wars
    • The Fidelity Wars
    • Released in 2008
    • 40 Songs


    1The Hymn For The CigarettesHefner
    1The Hymn For The Alcohol (7" Version)Hefner
    2May God Protect Your HomeHefner
    2My Art College Days Are Over (B-Side)Hefner
    3The Hymn For The AlcoholHefner
    3Don't Flake Out On Me (4-Track)Hefner
    4I Took Her Love For GrantedHefner
    4I Stole A Bride (4-Track)Hefner
    5May God Protect Your Home (4-Track)Hefner
    5Every Little GestureHefner
    6The Weight Of The StarsHefner
    6A Belly Full Of Babies (4-Track)Hefner
    7I Stole A BrideHefner
    7The Hymn For Thomas (4-Track)Hefner
    8We Were Meant To BeHefner
    8Blind Girl With Halo (4-Track)Hefner
    9Harlot's Teeth (4-Track)Hefner
    9Fat Kelly's TeethHefner
    10I Took Her Love For Granted (4-Track)Hefner
    10Don't Flake Out On MeHefner
    11I Love Only YouHefner
    11Karen (4-Track)Hefner
    12Grandmother Dies (B-Side)Hefner
    12The Hymn For Cigarettes (Rehearsal)Hefner
    13We Were Meant To Be (Rehearsal)Hefner
    13Lisa And Me (B-Side)Hefner
    14You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (Rehearsal)Hefner
    14A Belly Full Of Babies (B-Side)Hefner
    15I Took Her Love For Granted (Rehearsal)Hefner
    15Mary Lee (Hefner Heart EP)Hefner
    16The Hymn For The Things We Didn't Do (Hefner Heart EP)Hefner
    16I Love Only You (Rehearsal)Hefner
    17Karen (Hefner Heart EP)Hefner
    17Kate Cleaver's House (Rehearsal)Hefner
    18Twisting Mary's Arm (Rehearsal)Hefner
    18The Heart Of Portland (Hefner Heart EP)Hefner
    19The Weight Of The Stars (Rehearsal)Hefner
    19The Hymn For Thomas Courtney Warner (Hefner Heart EP)Hefner
    20The Girl From The Coast (Rehearsal)Hefner
    21The Librarian (Rehearsal)Hefner

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