Eloping (Glasgow 2000)

Eloping (Glasgow 2000)


I bet your eyes aren't really that blue, I think they've been airbrushed
in by an artist who doesn't care.
And I bet your hair isn't really that blonde, but isn't it the way we
wanted it to be.
And I bet you don't usually smile that much, especially with some one like me.

And I bet you really sweat, but none of this is what I want to say to you.
I don't want to be dancing with the wallflower, I want you cause you've
got painted toenails.
My tired arms ache just to hold you now.
I don't believe that you are still a virgin, so what say we get a little
Come with me I'll take you on an airplane now,
And London from above at night will look like a billion lit candles,
And your face will glow red at the sunrise,
And god knows I really want to travel and god knows I really want to start anew,
with you,
And god knows, god knows, god knows.

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