Pipeline! Live Boston Rock on WMBR

Pipeline! Live Boston Rock on WMBR

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1Dambuilders - DigitizedThe Dambuilders
2The 360's - Hang It UpVarious Artists
3Gigolo Aunts - Star 69Gigolo Aunts
4Milkmoney - LeashVarious Artists
5Morphine - ScratchMorphine
6Orangutang - Best of EnemiesVarious Artists
7Otis - Smith and WessonOtis
8The Cavedogs - Leave Me AloneVarious Artists
9Roger Miller - Kuchkah Tay ZodRoger Miller
10Anastasia Screamed - Marquee MoonAnastasia Screamed
11Twig - BreedVarious Artists
12Mung - DopeVarious Artists
13Green Magnet School - SlipperVarious Artists
14King Moon Razer - Countrified/C'monVarious Artists
15Tree - Inside OutTree
16Scarce - Cry Me a RiverVarious Artists
17Prickly - Sposeta be a FuneralVarious Artists
186L6 - Till then6L6
19The Vehicle Birth - Two Minutes HateThe Vehicle Birth
20Lou Barlow - SkullLou Barlow
21Bulkhead - A Dong MarketVarious Artists
22Cordelia's Dad - Brother JudsonCordelia's Dad
23The Queers - I Met Her at the RatThe Queers
24The Bags - WailThe Bags
25Syrup USA - Rosy, WhyVarious Artists
26The Zulus - High TideThe Zulus
27Slughog - PoorSlughog
28Come - Brand New VeinCome
29Big Dipper - Extraordinary WormBig Dipper
30Buffalo Tom - LarryBuffalo Tom
31Helium - LucyHelium
32Flying Nuns - SummerFlying Nuns
33Bullet Lavolta - Mother's DayVarious Artists
34Moving Targets - FaithVarious Artists
35Smackmelon - RaymondVarious Artists
36Dirt Merchants - WVarious Artists
37Pie - Sink This Ship!Various Artists
38Christmas - Scissors Paper StoneChristmas
39The Upper Crust - Ne'er-Do-WellThe Upper Crust
40Fuzzy - Miss the MarkFüzzy

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